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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Hat Rack
  • Hat Rack item sprite
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Use time15 (Very fast)
TooltipRight click when placed to display hats and helmets
RarityRarity level: 0
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 3977 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
  • Internal Tile ID: 475
A Robot Hat and a Copper Helmet displayed on a Hat Rack.

The Hat Rack is a decorative furniture item that can be used to display up to two helmet-slot armor and vanity items, as well as dyes.

Items can be placed on a Hat Rack by pressing the Open / Activate button on it, which opens a small set of inventory-like slots beneath the player's main inventory. There are two slots for two helmets, in addition to an associated dye slot underneath each one. Placing items in these slots immediately displays them on the Hat Rack. Items placed in the left slot are displayed on the upper part of the Hat Rack, while items placed in the right slot are displayed on the lower part. Items cannot be displayed on the middle, top part.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Hat RackHat Rack(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)SawmillSawmill



  • Like with Mannequins and Womannequins, the Familiar Wig cannot be displayed on the Hat Rack.
  • The Rabbit Perch will not be animated if displayed on the lower part of the Hat Rack.


  • Desktop Made optimizations to the Hat Rack to decrease performance toll.