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Secret world seeds are world seeds which have been discovered as secret easter eggs that generate worlds with strange or unique features. Unlike regular world seeds – which only affect the usual world structure – secret seeds can produce worlds with characteristics that would not be attainable through normal world generation (i.e., they can affect the game's mechanics while playing in that world). For instance, they may change enemy statistics and behavior, item drops, graphics, theme music, and more.

Secret seeds use unique world-generating mechanics that differ from normal seeds. Using a secret seed overrides the normal use of seeds as a source of randomness and two worlds created via the same secret seed will not necessarily be identical.

There are currently eight different secret seeds.

Drunk world

Main article: Drunk world
Map view of a large Drunk world. Note that there is both Corruption and Crimson.
Map view of a small Drunk world.
Screen shown while a Drunk world is generating.
  • Seeds:[1]
    • 05162020
    • 5162020

This seed references May 16, 2020, which is Terraria's 9th birthday and the release date of It invokes a highly extraordinary world generation referred to in the source code as drunkWorldGen.[2] It has therefore come to be referred to by the Terraria community as drunk world.

In this seed, both Evil biomes will generate, as well as both variants of any ore that comes in two varieties. The Party Girl replaces the Guide as the starting NPC, and the Dungeon entrance is now generated under a Living Tree painted brown.

While generating

  • Generation descriptions and tips become random numbers that change every tick (except when "Placing traps").
  • The background shows a Glowing Mushroom biome, with clouds that resemble Redigit's head. The moon moves backward and resembles a smiley face (see Trivia). Once the world finishes generating, it is possible to go back to the main menu with these effects still visible.
  • The outline of the progress bar rapidly flashes between Corruption and Crimson.
  • The Console Title music plays, instead of the normal Title Screen music.
  • The Terraria logo spins out and disappears along with the version number.
  • The time of the day is always night, and it never turns a day.

World icons

The world icon of a drunk world shows a tree infected with both world evils.

Not the bees

Main article: Not the bees
Map view of a medium Not the bees world.
Screen shown while a Not the bees world is generating.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • not the bees
    • not the bees!
    • notthebees

This seed generates a world dominated by bee-themed biomes and bee-related items and structures.

Most of the world is replaced with the Jungle biome, with Hive and Honey Blocks found in abundance, and Larvae spawn throughout the world. The Merchant replaces the Guide as the starting NPC.

While generating

  • All generation descriptions say "Generating bees".

World icons

The world icon of Not the Bees world is a Rich Mahogany surrounded by Bees.

For the worthy

Main article: For the worthy
Map view of a small For the worthy world.
Screen shown while a For the worthy world is generating.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • for the worthy
    • fortheworthy

This special world's features aim to drastically increase the difficulty of the game.

This seed increases the world difficulty by one level (e.g. A Classic For the worthy world is equivalent to a normal Expert world). Master Mode worlds using this seed will display as having "Legendary" difficulty on the world select menu.

All enemies' contact damage, health, and coin drop rates are increased, in addition to the world difficulty multiplier, by their standard amount in a Classic world.[4] Damage from ranged attacks is typically left unchanged.

Bunnies (even placed) and Demons have a 2/3 (66.67%) chance to be replaced with Explosive Bunnies and Voodoo Demons, respectively.[5] The Demolitionist replaces the Guide as the starting NPC.

There are also many other changes to world generations and game mechanics. For instance, some water pools throughout the world are replaced with lava. Pots and trees may drop lit Bombs that shortly explode, instead of their usual items. Skyware Chests are replaced with locked Gold Chests, but still have their respective loot.

Bosses also receive changes to the size and/or AI that make battles much more difficult.

While generating

  • All generation descriptions and tips are spelled backwards.

World icons

The world icon of a "For the worthy" world is a Yellow Willow tree.


Main article: Celebrationmk10
Map view of a medium Celebrationmk10 world.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[6]
    • celebrationmk10
    • 05162011
    • 5162011
    • 05162021
    • 5162021

This seed celebrates Terraria's tenth birthday, on May 16, 2021.

The player's spawn point is on the beach of one Ocean. Andrew the Guide, Whitney the Steampunker, Yorai the Princess, a Party Girl, and an Angora Town Bunny will also spawn there and a Party immediately starts. A majority of the world is painted in bright colors.

Items in chests always have a "best" modifier such as Menacing or Legendary.

Two unique enemies can be encountered in this seed:

The chance of obtaining rare items (such as the Rod of Discord and developer items) is substantially increased, the Traveling Merchant always sells 2 extra items, and the Princess sells rare items (such as the Slime Staff and Discount Card).

While generating

World icons

The world icon of a Celebrationmk10 world is a Pink Sakura tree with a bowknot.

The Constant

Main article: The Constant
Map view of a medium Constant world. Note the difference in cave generation.
The Constant's shader effect being shown right after loading into a world.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • constant
    • theconstant
    • the constant
    • eye4aneye
    • eyeforaneye

This seed is part of the crossover with Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve Together.

It introduces hunger and darkness mechanics that make the early game especially challenging. Marble biomes with statues and Spider Nests will generate on the surface, and Cacti will damage the player.

The entire game uses a dark shader that gives the game a gloomier look. This shader is not visble if the player has the lighting set to Retro or Trippy in their video settings. Items exclusive to the Don't Starve crossover content are more likely to drop.

While generating

  • The generation description "Generating wavy caves" is added.
  • A constant shader that significantly darkens the screen will be applied.

World icons

The world icon of a Constant world is an Evergreen from Don't Starve.

No traps

Main article: No traps
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • no traps
    • notraps

This seed includes significantly more traps than a normal world. It also contains new traps, including the Bouncy Boulder, the Life Crystal Boulder, and the Venom Dart Trap.

While generating

  • The generation description "Placing traps" is replaced with "Not placing traps".

World icons

The world icon of a No traps world is identical to the regular icon, with Wire coming from the tree's bottom.

Don't dig up

Main article: Don't dig up
Map view of a medium Don't dig up world.
Screen shown while a Don't dig up world is generating.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • don't dig up
    • dont dig up
    • dontdigup

This seed flips the usual order of player progression through biomes by having the player spawn in the central part of the Underworld. Above that are, in order, a Glowing Mushroom biome, an underground version of the Surface biomes, the Underground layer, the Cavern Layer, and then the true surface which is the Evil biome, without a sun.

A flat Ash Block "island" is generated in the central part of the Underworld, with Ash Trees growing and lava not spawning at all. Mimics now spawn in pre-Hardmode, but drop Gold Chest loot during this period instead. Plus, slimes have a chance to contain Fallen Stars as their bonus drop, and they can also spawn from broken Pots (such ones will always contain a Fallen Star). In addition, Lava slimes do not generate lava upon death in Expert Mode and above.

The Tax Collector replaces the Guide as the starting NPC.

While generating

  • The Terraria logo rotates and flips upside down.
  • The background turns into the starry sky background of Space.
  • The Corruption music will be played, regardless of world evil.

World icons

The world icon of a Don't dig up world is an Ash Tree.

Get fixed boi

Main article: Get fixed boi
Map view of a medium Get fixed boi world.
  • Seeds (case-insensitive):[3]
    • get fixed boi
    • getfixedboi

This seed is a combination of drunk world, Not the bees, For the worthy, Celebrationmk10, The Constant, No traps, and Don't dig up seeds.

It also contains unique features, including the boss Mechdusa, which replaces the mechanical bosses in progression, as well as features like Crispy Honey Blocks that burn the player and release Lava when mined.

While generating

The generating screen combines features of the other seeds:

World icons

The world icon of a Get fixed boi world is a flickering, glitchy tree that shows multiple versions of the standard tree icon, with different combinations of colors.


  • The seed being randomized can lead the game to create a drunk world or a Celebrationmk10 world without specifying the seed, but the chances of it happening are very low (1/2147483648 (0.000000047%) for the drunk world, 1/1073741824 (0.000000093%) for the Celebrationmk10 seed).
    • This is due to the random seed being a random number between 0 and 2147483647; the random seed can match the one needed for one of these secret seeds. The chances are doubled for the Celebrationmk10 seed due to the fact that two seed numbers trigger the secret seed.


Achievement A Rare Realm.png
A Rare Realm • Some very special seeds can lead to unique and rewarding experiences. Can you find one?
Enter a world using any secret world seed. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Category: Explorer Explorer


  • The smiley-faced moon seen during the generation of a drunk world is a reference to an astronomy hoax that was said to happen the same day Journey's End was released on PC.[7][8]
  • Unlike the other secret seeds, the drunk world and Celebrationmk10 seeds are interpreted as numbers, so any number of 0s can be added in the front (e.g. 000005162020 for the drunk world). In addition, there are numerous unintended strings that generate these two secret seeds (due to the use of the CRC-32 algorithm[9]), such as:
    • Drunk world (case-sensitive):
      • now aunt brush
      • Joke Disappear Horizon
      • disapprove stiff solution
    • Celebrationmk10 (case-sensitive):
      • Thirst of dress
      • engineer governor reproduction
      • inform Representative yorai
  • If a modified world were to have 2 or more active secret seeds at the same time, the icon for it would follow this priority: Get fixed boi > Drunk world > For the worthy > Not the bees > Celebrationmk10 > The Constant > Don't dig up > No traps.


  • Desktop 1.4.3:
    • Added secret seed theconstant.
    • Worlds using special seeds now have unique icons in the World Select menu to better tell them apart.


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