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Grass is a type of block which covers most of the above-ground landscape. It enables many different plants to grow on it.

Natural grass types

These types of grass occur naturally throughout the world. They can also be planted manually with their respective seeds. Regular grass can furthermore be planted with the Staff of Regrowth or Axe of Regrowth(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).

If there is room below a grass block, the respective type of vine can grow downward from it. Acorns planted in grass (except Mushroom grass) will grow into the respective type of tree.

Type Soil type Seeds Notes
Grass GrassInternal Tile ID: 2 Dirt BlockDirt Grass Seeds
Corrupt grass Corrupt grassInternal Tile ID: 23 Dirt BlockDirt Corrupt Seeds
Corrupt Jungle grass Corrupt Jungle grass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Tile ID: 661 Mud BlockMud Corrupt Seeds
Crimson grass Crimson grassInternal Tile ID: 199 Dirt BlockDirt Crimson Seeds
Crimson Jungle grass Crimson Jungle grass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Tile ID: 662 Mud BlockMud Crimson Seeds
Mushroom grass Mushroom grassInternal Tile ID: 70 Mud BlockMud Mushroom Grass Seeds
Jungle grass Jungle grassInternal Tile ID: 60 Mud BlockMud Jungle Grass Seeds
Hallowed grass Hallowed grassInternal Tile ID: 109 Dirt BlockDirt Hallowed Seeds
Ash grass Ash grass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Tile ID: 633 Ash BlockAsh Ash Grass Seeds

Mowed grass types (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

These types of grass have certain special properties. See Lawn Mower for details.

Type Soil type Source
Mowed grass Mowed grass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Tile ID: 477 Dirt BlockDirt Lawn Mower(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) used on grass
Mowed Hallowed grass Mowed Hallowed grass(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Tile ID: 492 Dirt BlockDirt Lawn Mower(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) used on Hallowed grass

Wild plants on grass

These weeds and flowers grow naturally on the different types of grass on the surface. They do not grow below the surface (except on Jungle, Mushroom, and Ash grass), and do not grow on mowed grass. Plants growing on painted grass blocks will take on the block's color.

Some of these plants can be planted manually with Flower Seeds(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), Flower Boots(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), and the Rubblemaker(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions). The rest cannot be planted manually.

Images Tile ID Grows on Notes
Tiles 3 0.png Tiles 3 1.png Tiles 3 2.png Tiles 3 3.png Tiles 3 4.png Tiles 3 5.png 3
Tiles 3 6.png Tiles 3 7.png Tiles 3 9.png Tiles 3 10.png Tiles 3 11.png Tiles 3 12.png Tiles 3 13.png Tiles 3 14.png Tiles 3 15.png Tiles 3 16.png Tiles 3 17.png Tiles 3 18.png Tiles 3 19.png Tiles 3 20.png 3
(6–7, 9–20)
Tiles 73 0.png Tiles 73 1.png Tiles 73 2.png Tiles 73 3.png Tiles 73 4.png Tiles 73 5.png 73
Tiles 73 6.png Tiles 73 7.png Tiles 73 9.png Tiles 73 10.png Tiles 73 11.png Tiles 73 12.png Tiles 73 13.png Tiles 73 14.png Tiles 73 15.png Tiles 73 16.png Tiles 73 17.png Tiles 73 18.png Tiles 73 19.png Tiles 73 20.png 73
(6–7, 9–20)
Tiles 24 0.png Tiles 24 1.png Tiles 24 2.png Tiles 24 3.png Tiles 24 4.png Tiles 24 5.png 24
Corrupt grassCorrupt grass
Corrupt Jungle grassCorrupt Jungle grass
Tiles 24 6.png Tiles 24 7.png Tiles 24 9.png Tiles 24 10.png Tiles 24 11.png Tiles 24 12.png Tiles 24 13.png Tiles 24 14.png Tiles 24 15.png Tiles 24 16.png Tiles 24 17.png Tiles 24 18.png Tiles 24 19.png Tiles 24 20.png 24
(6–7, 9–20)
Tiles 201 0.png Tiles 201 1.png Tiles 201 2.png Tiles 201 3.png Tiles 201 4.png Tiles 201 5.png 201
Crimson grassCrimson grass
Crimson Jungle grassCrimson Jungle grass
Tiles 201 6.png Tiles 201 7.png Tiles 201 8.png Tiles 201 9.png Tiles 201 10.png Tiles 201 11.png Tiles 201 12.png Tiles 201 13.png Tiles 201 14.png Tiles 201 16.png Tiles 201 17.png Tiles 201 18.png Tiles 201 19.png Tiles 201 20.png Tiles 201 21.png Tiles 201 22.png 201
(6–14, 16–22)
Tiles 71 0.png Tiles 71 1.png Tiles 71 2.png Tiles 71 3.png Tiles 71 4.png 71
Mushroom grassMushroom grass
Tiles 61 0.png Tiles 61 1.png Tiles 61 2.png Tiles 61 3.png Tiles 61 4.png Tiles 61 5.png 61
Jungle grassJungle grass
Tiles 61 10.png Tiles 61 11.png Tiles 61 12.png Tiles 61 13.png Tiles 61 14.png Tiles 61 15.png Tiles 61 16.png Tiles 61 17.png Tiles 61 18.png Tiles 61 19.png Tiles 61 20.png Tiles 61 21.png Tiles 61 22.png 61
Tiles 233 0.png Tiles 233 1.png Tiles 233 2.png Tiles 233 3.png Tiles 233 4.png Tiles 233 5.png Tiles 233 6.png Tiles 233 7.png 233
Tiles 233 9.png Tiles 233 10.png Tiles 233 11.png Tiles 233 12.png Tiles 233 13.png Tiles 233 14.png Tiles 233 15.png Tiles 233 16.png Tiles 233 17.png Tiles 233 18.png Tiles 233 19.png Tiles 233 20.png 233
Tiles 74 0.png Tiles 74 1.png Tiles 74 2.png Tiles 74 3.png Tiles 74 4.png Tiles 74 5.png 74
Tiles 74 6.png Tiles 74 7.png Tiles 74 9.png Tiles 74 10.png Tiles 74 11.png Tiles 74 12.png Tiles 74 13.png Tiles 74 14.png Tiles 74 15.png Tiles 74 16.png 74
(6–7, 9–16)
Tiles 110 0.png Tiles 110 1.png Tiles 110 2.png Tiles 110 3.png Tiles 110 4.png Tiles 110 5.png 110
Hallowed grassHallowed grass
  • Contributes to the Hallowed biome tile count.
  • Drops 1–2 (tile ID 110) / 2–4 (tile ID 113) Hay if cut with a Sickle.
  • Only grows when there are proper walls or no walls at all.
Tiles 110 6.png Tiles 110 7.png Tiles 110 9.png Tiles 110 10.png Tiles 110 11.png Tiles 110 12.png Tiles 110 13.png Tiles 110 14.png Tiles 110 15.png Tiles 110 16.png Tiles 110 17.png Tiles 110 18.png Tiles 110 19.png Tiles 110 20.png 110
(6–7, 9–20)
Tiles 113 0.png Tiles 113 1.png Tiles 113 2.png Tiles 113 3.png Tiles 113 4.png Tiles 113 5.png 113
Tiles 113 6.png Tiles 113 7.png 113
Tiles 637 0.png Tiles 637 1.png Tiles 637 2.png Tiles 637 3.png Tiles 637 4.png Tiles 637 5.png 637
Ash grassAsh grass
Tiles 637 6.png Tiles 637 7.png Tiles 637 8.png Tiles 637 9.png Tiles 637 10.png 637

Walls eligible for plant growth

When trying to grow some types of plants, the tile of the soil block and the tile above the soil block must not occupied by walls, or occupied by one of the walls listed below.[1]


This section is about grass spreading onto bare soils. For details about grass types converting other grass types, see Biome spread § Grass.

Grass of any type spreads from existing blocks to other blocks of the correct soil type. The following restrictions apply:

  • Pure, mowed, and mowed Hallowed grass does not spread below the surface whatsoever.[2] The player needs to be at least at 4 feet (on the Depth Meter) on the surface for these types of grass underneath to be able to spread.
  • Grass only spreads to an adjacent block, i.e., a block within the eight tiles directly surrounding the grass block.
  • Grass does not spread to blocks that have lava in one of their adjacent tiles.
  • Grass only spreads to blocks that have at least one tile of open space within their adjacent tiles (i.e., grass does not spread to blocks that are fully surrounded by eight solid blocks).


  • Dirt Blocks and Mud Blocks are both eligible soils for both types of the evil grasses. For instance, Corrupt Jungle grass can spread onto Dirt Blocks (resulting in regular Corrupt grass), and regular Corrupt grass can spread onto Mud Blocks (resulting in Corrupt Jungle grass).
  • The mowed grasses also spread to adjacent Dirt Blocks (only above the surface), but the resulting new grass will not be mowed.
  • Painted grass will spread its paint, too.
  • Corruption and Crimson thorny bushes can create Corrupt/Crimson grass on adjacent Dirt Blocks (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) and Corrupt/Crimson Jungle grass on adjacent Mud Blocks.


  • When mining blocks with grass, the grass will absorb the first hit from the pickaxe/drill. Hence, unlike mining most blocks, a tool with high mining speed will actually always outperform a slower tool, even if the slower one has higher pickaxe power. This means that the best pre-Hardmode item for digging grass would be the Bone Pickaxe. In theory, the Shroomite Digging Claw(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions) has the best speed out of the Hardmode tools.
    • This becomes particularly important in the Jungle biome, due to the prevalence of Jungle grass.


Examples of the two unused grass graphics.
  • There are unused graphics for two other grass types in the game's files. One is a yellow-green grass akin to Jungle grass, although it is tiled on dirt. Its internal name Tiles_2_Beach.png implies that it was originally intended for the Ocean. The second is a variation of Flesh Blocks, tiled to work as a grass.
    • Crimson grass is referred to as FleshGrass internally, so the second grass variation may have been an early Crimson grass sprite.



  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Added Ash grass.
    • Corrupt grass and Crimson grass can now grow and spread on mud.
    • Mushroom grass can now glow different colors when painted.
  • Desktop
    • Artificial Jungle biomes now require 140 Jungle grass blocks instead of 100.
    • Added mowed grass.
    • Wild plants on Jungle grass and Glowing Mushrooms no longer grow on actuated blocks (which used to result in their items immediately breaking off and falling to be collected).
  • Desktop 1.2.4:
    • Replaced grass graphics for when they are surrounded.
    • Grass is now removed when a player covers it in solid tiles.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Acorns can now be planted on all grass types.
    • Corrupt grass, Crimson grass, and Hallowed grass wall spreads further.
    • Fixed bug where the player can not pick up Crimson grass and Hallowed grass with Dirt Rod.


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