Jungle Grass Seeds

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Jungle Grass Seeds
  • Jungle Grass Seeds item spriteold Jungle Grass Seeds item sprite
Use time15 (Very fast)
Max stack9999 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) / 99 (Old-gen console and 3DS versions)
RarityRarity level: 0
Sell30 CC
Research25 required

Jungle Grass Seeds are a type of seed that can be planted in Mud Blocks to grow Jungle grass, potentially creating an artificial Jungle or Underground Jungle (depending on depth) if enough Jungle grass and plants are created. Jungle Grass Seeds can be found by cutting down plants growing on Jungle grass using virtually any tool or weapon.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Jungle Grass SeedsJungle Grass SeedsShimmerShimmer Transmutation(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Work BenchWork Bench

Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Green ThreadGreen Thread(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)LoomLoom
Mushroom Grass SeedsMushroom Grass SeedsShimmerShimmer Transmutation(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Jungle Vine WallJungle Vine Wall(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)4Work BenchWork Bench and Ecto Mist(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Leafy Jungle WallLeafy Jungle Wall(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)4


  • Jungle Grass Seeds have a 1/100 (1%) chance to drop from destroying any plant growing on Jungle grass.
  • Jungle grass will not create an Underground Jungle environment when planted just below ground level (zero depth). Natural Underground Jungles begin below -60 feet in a small world, -90 feet in a medium world, and -120 feet in a large world.
  • Jungle grass grows at a rate comparable to Mushroom grass, which is much slower than ordinary grass.


For tips on farming items that grow on Jungle grass, see Guide:Farming resources § Bait farm.
  • The Flower Boots allow creating wild Jungle plants very quickly, which makes them useful for obtaining large amounts of Jungle Grass Seeds, even despite the low drop rate.
  • Mushroom Grass Seeds may be used as an alternative to Jungle Grass Seeds, as Mushroom grass can be converted to Jungle grass using the Clentaminator/Terraformer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) with Green Solution. Mushroom Grass Seeds are much easier to obtain, since they can be purchased.


  • Desktop 1.0.3: A bug was fixed that prevented Jungle Grass Seeds from ever being dropped.