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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
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Journey Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Journey Mode and Journey Mode worlds.
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With great power comes great responsibility”

Journey Mode is an option that can be selected upon creation of new characters and worlds. It allows the player a wide array of customization options during gameplay, including duplication of items, modification of time and weather, and difficulty sliders. Journey Mode is only accessible with Journey characters in Journey worlds (Journey worlds can only be accessed using Journey characters, and Journey characters can only play in Journey worlds).

Journey Mode is intended to be Terraria's "creative" or "tourist" mode, making it relatively easy to acquire items and explore Terraria's various elements and mechanics without having to overcome its normal progression of challenges; though Journey players do have the ability to adjust the game's difficulty on-the-fly to challenge themselves and test different difficulty levels.


  • Characters begin with upgraded versions of the usual equipment in their inventory, as well as extra equipment not normally given to new characters, including the Fledgling Wings.
  • Enemies are half as difficult by default, and their difficulty can be changed during gameplay using the Enemy Difficulty Slider.
  • The player can access the Power Menu, which is used to adjust the game experience.

Power Menu

Power Menu Toggle.pngPower Menu.png
The Power Menu toggle button (left) and the seven Power Menu functions (right).

The Power Menu can be accessed via the toggle button located under the main inventory slots, above the crafting menu. Its interface replaces the crafting menu when opened.

The Power Menu contains seven different functions: Duplication, Research, Time, Weather, Personal Power Menu, Infection Spread, and Enemy Difficulty.

Power Menu Duplication.png Duplication

Desktop version The duplication menu.

This menu allows the player to instantly duplicate any previously researched item indefinitely. The menu has eleven tabs, each for a different item category.

  • Desktop version Clicking a category tab shows only items of that type; clicking the same category tab again deselects it.
  • Mobile version Tapping a category button shows only items of that type; select the "All" category to show all items.
Category Icon
Desktop version Mobile version
All n/a Power Menu Duplication All.png
Weapons Power Menu Duplication Weapons.png Power Menu Duplication Weapons (mobile).png
Armor Power Menu Duplication Armor.png Power Menu Duplication Armor (mobile).png
Vanity Power Menu Duplication Vanity.png Power Menu Duplication Vanity (mobile).png
Blocks Power Menu Duplication Blocks.png Power Menu Duplication Blocks (mobile).png
Furniture Power Menu Duplication Furniture.png Power Menu Duplication Furniture (mobile).png
Accessories Power Menu Duplication Accessories.png Power Menu Duplication Accessories (mobile).png
Equipment Power Menu Duplication Equipment.png Power Menu Duplication Equipment (mobile).png
Consumables Power Menu Duplication Consumables.png Power Menu Duplication Consumables (mobile).png
Tools Power Menu Duplication Tools.png Power Menu Duplication Tools (mobile).png
Materials Power Menu Duplication Materials.png Power Menu Duplication Materials (mobile).png
Miscellaneous Power Menu Duplication Misc.png Power Menu Duplication Misc (mobile).png

The Desktop version Search icon.png / Mobile version Search icon (mobile).png search bar lets players search for specific items. This will search for matches in both item name and tooltip. If searching for an item when a category tab is open, it will only search through items in that category. The search bar also has a SearchCancel.png button at the end of it to clear any text inside it.

Power Menu Research.png Research

The research slot.

To duplicate an item, it must first be "researched" a certain number of times, which destroys the item in the process. Using ⇧ Shift + Use / Attack (Desktop version) to send items to the research slot automatically researches the item. A counter of how many more of that item will be required to complete its research is displayed in the item's tooltip, or displayed above the research button when the item is placed in the slot. Research counters are tied to characters, meaning that new characters will have to research items again.

The total number of researched items required varies by the item type:

Item type Required number 
Weapons, tools, armor, accessories, furniture, and permanent boosters 1
Quest fish, Tombstones, Herb Bags, and Cans Of Worms 2
Treasure Bags, boss-summoning items, dyes, fish catches, and gold critters 3
Critters, mechanisms, fruits, rare crafting materials (such as Unicorn Horns), biome crates, and food and drink items 5
Crates, Life and Mana Crystals, and Life Fruit 10
Gems 15
Potions 20
Metal bars, herbs and seeds, and most crafting materials 25
Recovery potions 30
Acorns, Fallen Stars, and beams 50
Ammunition items and explosives 99
Ores, blocks, Torches, Ropes, Empty Bullets, and coins 100
Platforms and extractinatable blocks 200
Background walls 400
Etherian Mana and all unobtainable items n/a (cannot be researched)

Complete list

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Power Menu Time.png Time

There are three options available within the Time Menu:

  • Power Menu Time Frozen.png Freeze time.
  • Set time to one of four presets:
    • Power Menu Time Dawn.png Dawn (4:30 AM)
    • Power Menu Time Noon.png Noon (12:00 PM)
    • Power Menu Time Dusk.png Dusk (7:30 PM)
    • Power Menu Time Midnight.png Midnight (12:00 AM)
    • Alternating between day and night will count as random chances for bosses and events to spawn, if their conditions are met, and will reset the fishing quest as if a day had passed.
    • Some events can be extended indefinitely by repeatedly setting time back a step or freezing time.
  • Power Menu Time Speed Slider.png Alter time from 1× to 24× its normal rate.

Power Menu Weather.png Weather

The Weather Menu grants the player full control over the current weather:

  • Power Menu Wind Control Slider.png Slider for wind speed and direction.
    • Power Menu Wind Change.png Prevents wind speed/direction from changing randomly, as it does during normal gameplay.
  • Power Menu Rain Control Slider.png Slider for rain, which can set rainfall volume anywhere from Clear Sky to Monsoon.
    • Power Menu Rain Change.png Prevents rainfall volume from changing randomly, as it does during normal gameplay.

Power Menu Personal Power Menu.png Personal Power Menu

The Personal Power Menu includes three options related to the player:

  • Power Menu Godmode.png Godmode renders the player immune to all damage and knockback, and grants an unlimited breath meter and unlimited mana.
    • Debuffs are still inflicted as normal, but the player takes no damage from them.
    • Mana is not actually unlimited; it instead regenerates at a much faster rate than the player can use it, making it seem unlimited.
  • Power Menu Increased Placement Range.png Increases item pickup and block placement range. This is enabled by default.
  • Power Menu Enemy Spawn Rate Slider.png Enemy Spawn Rate Slider: Sets the spawn rates of enemies and critters anywhere from 0× (disabling spawns) to 10× the normal rate. When the spawn slider is set to 0, certain enemies such as bosses, the Old One's Army, and enemies from statues can still be summoned; tombstones can still cause Ghosts to spawn; critters can still spawn from destroyed plants and shaken trees; Bees or Antlion Larvas still spawn from broken Bee Hives or Antlion Eggs.

Power Menu Infection Spread.png Infection Spread

A toggle that prevents the spread of the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow. It does not, however, reverse the spread or reset it back to their original biomes. It also does not prevent the generation of the diagonal stripes of the Hallow and Corruption/Crimson at the beginning of Hardmode when the player defeats the Wall of Flesh for the first time.

Power Menu Enemy Difficulty Slider.png Enemy Difficulty Slider

A slider that sets difficulty anywhere from 0.5× to 3× the normal difficulty. 0.5× equates to the default Journey Mode difficulty, moving up through Classic Mode at 1×, Expert Mode at 2×, and Master Mode at 3×. Moving the slider enables all rewards obtainable in the chosen difficulty, including Expert Mode-exclusive items and Master Mode-exclusive items.

The damage multiplier of town NPCs is 1× when the Enemy Difficulty Slider is lower than 2×, and when the slider is 2× or higher.[1] (In non-Journey worlds, the damage multiplier is 1× / 1.5× / 1.75×.)


  • All achievements can be unlocked in Journey Mode as normal.
  • Icons with texts at the side of sliders are all interactable buttons, which allows the player to snap the slider to specific points.
  • Duplicating items will never produce items with modifiers.
  • Items that show at different times of the year such as Goodie Bags can be researched.
  • Speeding up time also speeds up the spread of biomes, as well as plants' growth rates and Fallen Star spawn rates.
  • Freezing time prevents some random events from occurring, such as a Slime Rain.
    • When time is frozen, Music Boxes can still record songs.
  • Some of the world-altering powers offered by Journey Mode will persist if the world is converted into a different difficulty by a third-party program (e.g. TEdit):
    • A world with wind change or rain change disabled will keep that part of its weather frozen as-is forever, allowing for a world with permanent clear skies, rain, Windy Days, or Thunderstorms.
    • Time alterations, including the freezing or acceleration of time, remain in place. This, however, can make it very difficult to progress in the game normally due to the game's numerous time-based events and bosses.
    • Biome Spread will remain enabled or disabled depending on the setting. This can be very useful for those who wish to play in a normal world without the stress of maintaining purity or to keep an accelerated world from being ravaged by its infectious biomes.
    • Difficulty and spawn rate changes do not persist into normal gameplay, but will be remembered if the world is converted back into Journey Mode.
  • Even with Godmode enabled, weapons that require more mana per shot than the player currently has in total cannot be used. For example, a player with the default amount of 20 mana cannot use the Nebula Arcanum (with its base mana cost of 30).
  • If the enemy spawn rate is at 0×, the Dungeon Guardian will not spawn.
  • Switching difficulty modes causes enemies and bosses to change their AI and dropped items immediately.
  • The duration of debuffs is unchanged when switching difficulties.
  • Changing to Expert Mode will activate the extra accessory slot enabled by the Demon Heart; changing to Master Mode will activate Master Mode's extra accessory slot (i.e. the 7th slot after consuming the Demon Heart).
  • While enemy stats at 1×, 2×, or 3× difficulty values are the same as those in their corresponding difficulty, stats between these set values increase linearly, making "low difficulty" stats exceed stats of a higher difficulty. For example, enemy stats at 1.95× and 2.95× difficulty are significantly higher than those at 2× and 3× respectively.


  • An enemy's stats are determined by the difficulty upon spawn, whereas its dropped items are determined by the difficulty upon defeat. This allows obtaining Expert- or Master-exclusive items from e.g. a Journey-level boss, by increasing the difficulty after summoning and before defeating it.
  • While the increased placement range is enabled, the player can hold Torches and use the Smart Cursor mechanic while in a cave to light up many nearby caves surprisingly efficiently.
  • To get the Traveling Merchant to spawn quicker, the player can sleep in a Bed with time unfrozen and set to 24× speed, as they are multiplicative and will speed up time by 120×, making each day 12 seconds.
    • However, note that freezing time when the Traveling Merchant spawns is important due to how fast time will pass, and he might even despawn before the player has a chance to run over.
  • The duplication menu can be used as an extension of the player's inventory, all but eliminating the need to worry about storage space. Any items in the player's inventory can be researched to make room without those items going to waste. If an item is already fully researched, it can simply be trashed and another can be duplicated when needed. Items like weapons and accessories only need one to be fully researched, so unless it has a desired modifier it can be "stored" by researching it and it will always be available.
  • Coins only require 100 to be fully researched regardless of the denomination. This means 1 SC can be turned into unlimited by changing it into 100, researching those, duplicating stacks of to craft into 100, and so on until the player has researched 100 PC. But since coins are only duplicated in stacks of 100, 100 stacks of coins need to be pulled out for each step, so it is generally more efficient to duplicate items and sell them for money initially.
  • Some crafting materials can be cheaper to be researched as crafted items, which can then be decrafted in Shimmer, rather than researched directly. This is especially true for items that can be crafted into a one-research item that can then be decrafted, such as furniture. For example:


  • Journey Mode is known as Creative in some places of Terraria's source code, referring to the Creative mode in the 2011 3D sandbox video game Minecraft.
  • Journey Mode's descriptive text, "With great power comes great responsibility", is a quote from the 2002 American superhero movie Spider-Man. Similar words have been used towards government dating back to at least 1793, with perhaps one of the most famous quotes coming from Winston Churchill in 1906, who said, "Where there is great power there is great responsibility."
  • Quest items are the only non-stackable items that require two items to research, while the Marshmallow on a Stick is the only non-stackable item that requires 10 items to research.
  • The Godmode icon is a reference to the classic first-person shooter video game series Doom, which has a similar God Mode icon.
  • The Power Menu toggle button displays a bunny wearing a hard hat, whose name is "Benny the Construction Bunny".[2]
  • Boss fights can be a little harder in 2.95× Expert difficulty than in 3.00× Master difficulty. This could be due to lacking one accessory slot while max life of bosses is usually 15.7% higher. Enemy attack damage is 1.67% lower than Master, which could be simply ignored; almost all attack patterns remain unchanged between Expert difficulty and Master difficulty.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Mousing over items in the crafting menu will show how many are needed to Research. This also applies to Guide and Tinkerer UI slots.
    • Shift-clicking items to the research slot automatically researches the item.
    • When using the reach booster, it also increases item pickup range.
    • Journey sliders now have interactible buttons which allows the player to snap to specific points.
  • Desktop 1.4.2: Added button to the menu allowing the player to delete all text in the search bar.
  • Desktop 1.4.1:
    • Journey Mode characters now spawn with a Grappling Hook.
    • Added sub-categories to Duplication Menu.
    • Due to spawning in all worlds, the Armed Zombie and Bone Skeleton Statues can now be legitimately researched without the use of external editors.
    • Fixed an issue with Traveling Merchant spawning when time was paused with Journey powers.
  • Desktop
    • Cleaned up some Christmas decoration grouping in the Duplication menu.
    • Invasion warning messages should no longer spam the player when time is frozen.
  • Desktop Fixed a bug where speeding time up in Journey Mode would make some unusual visual effects.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, class GameModeData in Terraria.DataStructures.cs.
  2. With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode May 6, 2020
  1. Only if the character is named "Wolf Pet" or "Wolfpet".