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Creative Shock is a debuff inflicted during the Old One's Army event. Affected players can neither place nor remove blocks. The debuff will be canceled as soon as the player defeats the Old One's Army, the Eternia Crystal is destroyed, or they move outside of the debuff area. The debuff area calculates from the Mysterious Portals and the Eternia Crystal positions (see Notes for details). The debuff will be re-inflicted if the player moves back into the area.


From environment

From Duration Chance
Old One's Army For the whole duration of the event, while within area 100%


  • The Creative Shock's area calculates by following conditions:[1]
    • First, game checks positions of both the Mysterious Portals and the Eternia Crystal and catches their top-left (vector) and bottom-right (vector2) coordinates. For example, if the right Mysterious Portal has most-right position and the Eternia Crystal has most-lowest position, the vector2 coordinates are the Mysterious Portal's right and the Eternia Crystal's bottom coordinates.
    • Secord, game reduces vector coordinates and increases vector2 coordinates by 50 tiles.
    • Final vector and vector2 coordinates are edges of Creative Shock inflict area.
  • Though torches cannot be freed using pickaxes or drills under the debuff, they may be freed with Open / Activate.
  • Cobwebs can be removed via tools or the player touching them, but they cannot be placed.
  • Explosives will destroy susceptible blocks.
  • Buckets cannot be used to add or remove liquids.
  • Wire and Actuators can still be placed.



  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method FindArenaHitbox() in Terraria.GameContent.Events.DD2Event.cs.