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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Vortex Beater
  • Vortex Beater item sprite
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Uses ammoBullets
Damage50 (Ranged)
Knockback2 (Very weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time20 (Very fast)
(see notes for more info)
(see notes for more info)
Tooltip66% chance to save ammo
'The catastrophic mixture of pew pew and boom boom.'
RarityRarity level: 10
Sell10 GC
Research1 required
Projectiles created
  • Vortex Beater
    Vortex Beater
  • Vortex Rocket
    Vortex Rocket
Animation of the Vortex Beater. Note the accelerating animation of the weapon, which is purely visual.
A curving explosive from the Vortex Beater.

The Vortex Beater is a Hardmode, post-Lunatic Cultist gun that fires bullets at a very high rate and in an inaccurate manner, similar to the Gatligator, but within approximately a 25° angle rather than the Gatligator's 45° firing pattern. Additionally, it fires homing, explosive Vortex Rockets every 0.583 seconds, which have a base damage of the weapon's damage + 20 (50 + 20 = 70 base damage), and a base knockback of 1.25× the weapon's knockback (2.5 (Very weak)).[1] The rocket's explosions do not harm the player. The Vortex Beater also has a 2/3 (66.67%) chance to save ammo.

Its best modifier is Unreal. Since it does not benefit from speed modifiers, Godly and Demonic provide the same DPS bonus as Unreal.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Vortex BeaterVortex Beater(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)


  • The Vortex Beater is unique in that its stated stats do not correspond to actual stats of the projectiles. These stats include:[1]
    • Use time: the bullets' fire rate corresponds to a use time of 5 (Insanely fast), while the Vortex Rockets' fire rate corresponds to a use time of 35 (Slow). These use time stats cannot be changed by speed bonuses.
    • Velocity: the bullets' velocity is 14, while the Vortex Rockets' velocity is 8.
  • Technically, when the Vortex Beater is being used, it spawns a gun projectile which can deal 100% of the weapon's damage (50 base damage) on contact. The gun projectile then spawns bullets and Vortex Rockets based on built-in fire rates.[2]
  • While the Vortex Beater fires both bullets and rockets, it consumes only bullets as ammunition. It cannot use any form of rocket or explosive as ammunition, and will therefore not benefit from the Shroomite Helmet.


  • Due to the inaccuracy of the bullets, the Vortex Beater is somewhat better suited against larger enemies and bosses (which may be immune to the knockback effect of the rockets, however). A better ranged weapon for single-target damage would be the Phantasm.
    • Using Chlorophyte Bullets, which home in on enemies, helps counter the low accuracy. Still, the Phantasm has generally higher single-target DPS.
  • Since the rockets do not hurt the user, the Vortex Beater is an ideal gun for close-quarters combat – it has a high DPS (about 1,500 single-target DPS with standard bullets and no damage-enhancing armor or accessories), and the explosions knock enemies back.


  • Although the Vortex Beater has an animation of acceleration, it does not actually accelerate the rate of fire. This may indicate that this weapon was originally designed with an accelerating fire rate in mind, just like its counterpart, the Phantasm.
  • The Vortex Beater was formerly called the "Blackhole Beater", as seen in a spoiler released on YouTube on May 27th, 2015, 33 days before the release of the update.
  • It is one of two firearms in Terraria to feature an operating secondary weapon, the other being the Onyx Blaster.
  • After a short delay once the player stops firing, a click of the gun reloading can be heard. However, this has no effect on firing, as the player can fire a continuous stream of bullets without requiring any reloading. This sound effect is used by other shotgun-type weapons, specifically the Onyx Blaster, Boomstick, Shotgun, and Quad-Barrel Shotgun.
  • The weapon plays the sound of a shot twice for every bullet fired, proven when the weapon is shot once.
    • This, combined with the Vortex Rockets, may make it the loudest gun in the game.



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