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Terraria has over ninety music tracks across every version of the game. Each one will play and loop endlessly while the player is in a specific biome or while certain events are taking place. Music is individual to each player, and as such its volume can be lowered or disabled entirely within the settings menu.

The majority of music in Terraria was composed by Scott Lloyd Shelly of Resonance Array.

In the no version, it is possible to record and play these songs in-game using the Music Box accessory.

In the Desktop version Desktop version, each music track can be replaced with a custom file through the use of Resource Packs.


The soundtracks can be listened to and purchased from Steam as two soundtracks: the Terraria: Official Soundtrack includes Volume 1–4, and the Terraria: Otherworld Official Soundtrack includes the Otherworld tracks. The first three volumes can be purchased from Bandcamp individually. The first two volumes are also included when the game is bought on Tracks are listed in the order they appear on the soundtrack.

Volume 1

Volume 1 was released on November 1, 2011.

Track Title Length
1. Overworld Day 02:17
2. Eerie 02:41
3. Overworld Night 02:00
4. Title Screen 01:19
5. Underground 02:59
6. Boss 1 02:16
7. Jungle 02:44
8. Corruption 02:37
9. Underground Corruption 02:22
10. The Hallow 02:06
11. Boss 2 02:00
12. Underground Hallow 02:55
13. Boss 3 01:50

Volume 2

Volume 2 was released on September 28, 2013.

Track Title Length
1. Ocean 01:28
2. Eclipse 01:36
3. Rain 01:36
4. Alternate Day 01:40
5. Space 01:35
6. Golem 01:28
7. Mushrooms 01:16
8. Crimson 02:07
9. Lihzahrd 01:37
10. Ice 01:34
11. Plantera 01:16
12. Dungeon 01:40
13. Lunar Towers 01:27

Volume 3

Volume 3 was released on October 7, 2015.

Track Title Length
1. Alternate Underground 01:12
2. Underground Crimson 02:41
3. Goblin Army 01:45
4. Underworld 02:10
5. Pirate Invasion 01:50
6. Pumpkin Moon 01:26
7. Frost Moon 01:08
8. Martian Madness 01:41
9. Lunar Towers 01:27
10. Moon Lord 01:53

The "Lunar Towers" theme is a copy of the previous album's "Lunar Boss" theme.

Volume 4

Volume 4 was released on Steam on October 13, 2020.

Track Title Length
1. The Journey Begins 01:23
2. Underground Ice 01:24
3. Space Day 01:23
4. Empress of Light 02:48
5. Queen Slime 01:29
6. Slime Rain 01:22
7. Desert 01:29
8. Underground Desert 02:01
9. Sandstorm 01:38
10. Old One's Army 02:22
11. Underground Jungle 01:48
12. Jungle Night 01:35
13. Queen Bee 01:27
14. Graveyard 01:57
15. Town Day 02:06
16. High Wind 01:20
17. Storm 01:35
18. Duke Fishron 01:42
19. Morning Rain 01:00
20. Ocean Night 01:32
21. Town Night 01:56
22. Alt Title 01:35
23. Journey's End - Credits 02:12
24. Terraria Day Theme Remix

Old-gen console and 3DS/ Mobile 1.2 soundtracks

The console soundtrack features a mix of the desktop soundtrack and several additional tracks which are listed below. Although Blake Robinson was commissioned to create the music for the trailers, the in-game music was created by Scott Lloyd Shelly.

Desktop version 1.2 adopted the console version's "Desert" track as is, but introduced its own "Snow" and "Boss 4" themes, using the console tracks instead respectively as "Ice" and "Boss 5". When the console version caught up with version desktop 1.2, it kept its own original "Snow" and "Boss 4" themes as they were, instead swapping the desktop's tracks to the Ice and Boss 5 slots.

Terraria: Otherworld (Otherworldly Tracks)

The soundtrack originally written for the cancelled game Terraria: Otherworld was added to Terraria with the Journey's End update. It features 27 themes. In-game, the Party Girl NPC can be used to switch between normal music and "otherworldly" music after a world with the 05162020 world seed has been visited for the first time. Tracks follow the same naming convention as Terraria's, resulting in some duplicated names (music boxes for these songs disambiguate by being called "Otherworldly Music Box" instead of just "Music Box"), but there are less songs in total: for example there are only two "generic" boss music and a single track for all invasion events. Interestingly, the Wall of Flesh gets a unique theme with this soundtrack, instead of sharing the Boss 2 theme with The Twins. Plantera, the Moon Lord, and the Lunar Events also get unique tracks, as in the regular soundtrack. Most pre-hardmode bosses get the Boss 1 theme; all other hardmode bosses get the Boss 2 theme.

The Terraria: Otherworld soundtrack was released on Steam on June 17, 2020. It was composed by Jeff Broadbent, Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, and James Hannigan, also featuring Jeff Ball on violin, Tina Guo on cello, and Franck Klepacki on guitar. The album version features 26 songs, one fewer than the 27 in-game tracks with the missing song being the Wall of Flesh's theme. The album songs also differ from the in-game songs by being much longer and holding various instrumental enhancements.

Track Title Length
1. Prelude 01:36
2. Every Adventure Has A Beginning 02:35
3. Night Falls, Darkness Emerges 03:11
4. Below the Surface 03:07
5. Secret of the Sands 03:38
6. Glimmers of Vibrance 03:05
7. Enchanted Blue 02:48
8. Sky Guardian 03:15
9. The Endless Void 03:49
10. Celestial Caverns 03:05
11. Journey to the Core 02:15
12. Ancient Citadel 03:16
13. Shadows of Corruption 03:15
14. Decay and Corrosion 03:10
15. Behold the OctoEye 02:58
16. Blood Crawlers 02:21
17. Crimson Chasm 03:02
18. Fighting Off the Invasion 02:44
19. Twisted Virtue 03:05
20. A Sweet Menace 02:55
21. Rage Of Tarunnk 02:19
22. Enter Darkness 02:36
23. Fighting the Night 03:03
24. Sinkholes of Darkness 02:45
25. Consumed by Darkness 02:53
26. Postlude - Credits 02:14

In-game tracks

The following lists the songs as they are ordered internally for the game.

# Title Condition[1] Album Version Listen Description
1 Overworld Day Vol. 1 1.0 It is a cheerful, upbeat, and simple tune.
2 Eerie Vol. 1 1.0 It is slower and more sinister than most other tracks. On Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, replaced by Underworld. At release, it also played in Corruption, Dungeon, and Underworld.
3 Overworld Night Vol. 1 1.0 It is relatively peaceful and relaxing, but its tune is a minor one.
4 Underground Vol. 1 1.0 It is a fast and whimsical track, with an almost robotic tone.
5 Boss 1 Vol. 1 1.0 Loud and frantic battle music. Also played for Duke Fishron before, and on Old-gen console version Old-gen console for the Goblin Army.
6 Title Screen
  • Title screen
Vol. 1 1.0 A serene, solemn tune, but short and hooking, this was played on the main menu before it was replaced with Journey's Beginning. It still plays in-game when the sun or moon is dragged.
7 Jungle Vol. 1 1.0.5 An exotic, relaxed tune, it has a unique feel to it with a heavy emphasis on percussion.
8 Corruption Vol. 1 1.0.6 Its melody somewhat resembles the Overworld Day track but altered and slowed to sound much darker and more menacing.
9 The Hallow Vol. 1 1.1 It has a very happy, heavenly tone and makes use of instruments related to this idea, especially the harp. It shares a lot of its melody with Overworld Day.
10 Underground Corruption Vol. 1 1.1 This track is a combination of Corruption and Underground tracks, with a depressing and dark tone.
11 Underground Hallow Vol. 1 1.1 This track is a combination of the Hallow and Underground tracks. It shares the heavenly tone of the Hallow tracks, but with a faster-paced, electronic tune.
12 Boss 2 Vol. 1 1.1 It is a very hectic, frantic tune, and gives the feel of a chase, fear and horror, especially at the beginning.
13 Boss 3 Vol. 1 1.1 It is much slower and less intense than the other boss fights, the slowest track in the soundtrack, giving it a more menacing and mechanical tone, suiting most of the situations it plays in (e.g in the boss fights between Brain of Cthulhu and The Destroyer).
14 Ice/Snow Vol. 2 1.2 A relaxed, somewhat slow-paced theme with a distinct, cold, and crystalline feel. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as "Ice", it was later renamed "Snow" since the desktop version introduced its own "Ice" theme.
15 Space Night Vol. 2 1.2 A quick and carefree theme that makes use of many airy synths and shares some of its instruments with the Overworld Day theme. Contains a motif of Underground.
16 Crimson Vol. 2 1.2 An unnerving, dark, and unsettling theme with a faster pace than that of the Corruption. Its main melody comes near the end of the track.
17 Golem/Boss 4 Vol. 2 1.2 Fast paced without being particularly dark or menacing.
18 Alternate Day Vol. 2 1.2 A cheerful, upbeat tune similar to the Overworld Day theme, but with a more complex composition.
19 Rain Vol. 2 1.2 It gives the effect of a peaceful and calming theme, slower and less upbeat than others.
20 Ice/Underground Ice Vol. 4 1.2 A calm, mysterious, and wintery theme slightly reminiscent of the Alternate Underground theme.
21 Desert Vol. 4 1.2 It is a simple, quiet theme inspired by ancient Egyptian music as commonly portrayed in other video games and films. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console. Replaced the Overworld Day theme in this biome.
22 Ocean Vol. 2 1.2 It is a tranquil theme with a somewhat slower pace than other daytime themes.
23 Dungeon Vol. 2 1.2 A sinister, dark theme that makes use of various instruments to evoke a sound akin to the echoes of a deep dungeon below.
24 Plantera Vol. 2 1.2 It is a unique, fast rock track with a metal tune and prominent use of electric guitars, and has some melodies from the Jungle soundtrack. As a nod to Cenx's favorite band, Pantera, parts of the track have a similar sound to the end of "Domination" from the album Cowboys from Hell.
25 Queen Bee/Boss 5 Vol. 4 1.2 It is a frenetic, serious theme, which uses sounds resembling bee buzzes and wing hovering. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as "Boss 4", it was later renamed "Boss 5", since the Desktop version already had its own "Boss 4" theme.
26 Lihzahrd/Temple Vol. 2 1.2 A mysterious and exotic-sounding theme, feeling like being in an ancient world.
27 Eclipse Vol. 2 1.2 It is dark with a varying pace, featuring an organ to give it a classic horror feel. Also played during Pumpkin Moon before
28 Rain ambience n/a 1.2 The sounds of rain pattering on the ground with slight hints of distant thunder.
29 Mushrooms Vol. 2 1.2 An offbeat, exotic, and trippy piece.
30 Pumpkin Moon Vol. 3 Spooky Halloween-themed music. Replaced the Eclipse theme for this event.
31 Alternate Underground Vol. 3 1.2.2 It has a different, less whimsical feel than the original Underground theme. It also contains a Boss 2 motif near the end of the song.
32 Frost Moon Vol. 3 1.2.2 It vaguely resembles a Christmas song but is more upbeat and uses an electric guitar with a heavy distortion applied giving it a metal feel to the track.
33 Underground Crimson Vol. 3 1.2.4 A mix of the Underground and Crimson tracks.
34 Lunar Boss/The Towers Vol. 2
Vol. 3 A fast, abstract, and especially intense theme. Originally intended for the final boss, in the two years between the album's release and the introduction of the track in-game, plans had changed. Its album name would be used for the Moon Lord theme.
35 Pirate Invasion Vol. 3 Somewhat reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Replaced the Golem/Boss 4 theme for this event.
36 Underworld Vol. 3 A deep and menacing track, with an emphasis on harsh percussion. Replaced Eerie theme for this biome. On the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, this theme replaces all instances of Eerie.
37 Martian Madness Vol. 3 A loud, daunting track. Originally released as a 1.3 spoiler.[5]
38 Moon Lord/Lunar Boss Vol. 3 A unique, intense track with a fast tempo. Reuses part of the Lunar Towers and Space themes. Called "Lunar Boss" in-game.
39 Goblin Army/Goblin Invasion Vol. 3 (Desktop, Console, Mobile and 3DS versions) It somewhat vaguely resembles the Pumpkin Moon theme. Replaced "Boss 1" for this event.
40 Sandstorm Vol. 4 1.3.3 This track is a tense theme that uses a synth to simulate wind (along with actual wind sounds) as well as a sitar to give a sort of Egyptian desert feeling. Some parts of "Boss 5" and "The Towers" theme can be heard.
41 Old One's Army Vol. 4 1.3.4 An intense theme, more orchestral than most other Terraria songs, which incorporates bits from the main theme of Dungeon Defenders as well as Terraria tracks Pirate Invasion, Title, Goblin Army, and Pumpkin Moon.
42 Space Day Vol. 4 It has a slower and calmer feeling. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as "Space", before the Desktop version had its own Space theme added. On Old-gen console version Old-gen console versions, it serves as an alternate Space theme, both having a 50% chance of playing regardless of time.
43 Ocean Night Vol. 4 This track is more active and bouncier than its daytime counterpart. It has a happy, peaceful sounding tone. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as "Ocean", before the Desktop version had its own Ocean theme added. On Old-gen console version Old-gen console versions, it serves as an alternate Ocean theme, both having a 50% chance of playing regardless of time.
44 Windy Day/High Wind Vol. 4 A perky, cheerful, whimsical track, inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh[6]. It includes instruments such as music box, castanets and a tambourine, and is one of the few tracks in the game to not be in 4
time, rather it is in 3
45 Wind ambiance n/a The sounds of wind blowing past.
46 Town Day Vol. 4 A soothing track with a slight resemblance to Overworld Day.
47 Town Night Vol. 4 It starts quickly and then slows down to reveal a calm and enjoyable melody.
48 Slime Rain Vol. 4 A bouncy, slightly silly-sounding track that plays during the event. It contains motifs of the Ocean Night and Underground themes.
49 Day Remix Vol. 4 This techno remix by Xenon and DSniper of the Overworld Day theme was the winning track of Terraria's music contest.
50 Journey's Beginning
(with intro)
  • Title screen
Vol. 4 A triumphant, powerful track that plays on the title screen. On game launch and in the 1.4 trailer it features a "whoom" intro sound before looping into the standard Journey's Beginning track. It is also the first track to be heard by a new player.
51 Journey's Beginning
  • Title screen
n/a A triumphant, powerful track that plays on the title screen. Internally referred to as "Title Alt".
52 Storm Vol. 4 It sounds harsh and threatening, and has a slight resemblance to the Old One's Army and Sandstorm tracks.
53 Graveyard Vol. 4 A dark, depressing spin on the Town themes.
54 Underground Jungle Vol. 4 Significantly less whimsical than the Surface Jungle tracks and sounds more threatening and melancholic.
55 Jungle Night Vol. 4 It sounds very different from the day theme, with the main melody being a slow, ominous beat with an emphasis on deep drums.
56 Queen Slime Vol. 4 This track begins with a regal and celebratory style, before turning into something more sinister and methodical. It contains a motif of Jungle Night.
57 Empress of Light Vol. 4 It begins as a fast, extremely intense track similar to Boss 2, before changing to a slower tune. The entire track has a very chaotic feel and sounds unlike anything else in Terraria. Uniquely, this track features a second loop with different composition, before completely looping.
58 Duke Fishron Vol. 4 A slow theme with bubbling sounds and a pirate-like feel, in stark contrast with the fast-paced and chaotic fight it accompanies.
59 Tutorial/Morning Rain
  • Rain, between 4:30 AM and 7:30 AM
Vol. 4 Very similar to the Overworld Day theme, but is significantly more extravagant and jolly, like one is about to embark on an adventure. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as the "Tutorial" theme.
60 Console Title/Alt Title Vol. 4 An extended variation of the Title Screen track, with more instruments and expression. Originally introduced on Old-gen console version Old-gen console as the "Title Screen".
61 Underground Desert Vol. 4 It begins as a slow, mysterious theme featuring strings and low tones, before it transitions into a rock-style theme, with guitars and heavy drums, similar to the Plantera track.
62 Rain (Otherworldly)
Otherworld An atmospheric track with light piano sounds that brings the image of falling rain.
63 Overworld Day (Otherworldly)
(Every Adventure Has A Beginning)
Otherworld A celebratory, almost victoriously sounding track which features instruments like Irish flute for a fantasy feeling.
64 Night (Otherworldly)
(Night Falls, Darkness Emerges)
Otherworld It is an ominous, at times frantic track that gives a sense of impending danger.
65 Underground (Otherworldly)
(Below the Surface)
Otherworld A heroic-sounding track which features violin. Its internal name is "Music-Main Theme (Underground)" which suggests it was meant as a title screen track, which in turn fits with its grand intro.
66 Desert (Otherworldly)
(Secret of the Sands)
Otherworld It begins with dobro (or similarly sounding instrument) for a Wild West-feeling, along with occasional heartbeats. It continues with Irish flute for a fantasy feeling, and ends with subtle female vocals.
67 Ocean (Otherworldly)
(Enchanted Blue)
Otherworld An ambient-like track which incorporates pan flute music to produce the image of distant shores.
68 Mushrooms (Otherworldly)
(Celestial Caverns)
Otherworld It resembles a more tranquil version of the regular mushroom biome track. Its internal name is "Music-Crystal Caves (Mushrooms)" which suggests it would also play in some Gemstone cave-like biome.
69 Dungeon (Otherworldly)
(Ancient Citadel)
Otherworld It is a melancholic and ritualistic-feeling track which features chanting and tribal-like drums.
70 Space (Otherworldly)
(The Endless Void)
Otherworld An ambient track which subtly features "psychedelic" sounds for a sci-fi feeling and gradually grows to a heroic sound.
71 Underworld (Otherworldly)
(Journey to the Core)
Otherworld Dark, aggressive, and features harpsichord music for a "haunted house" feeling.
72 Snow (Otherworldly)
(Glimmers of Vibrance)
Otherworld A calm and relaxing track which shifts between what resembles uplifting trance music and fantasy music.
73 Corruption (Otherworldly)
(Shadows of Corruption)
Otherworld It is a dark, undulating track which features downtempo rock music.
74 Underground Corruption (Otherworldly)
(Decay and Corrosion)
Otherworld Resembles its Otherworld surface counterpart, but is somewhat more aggressive.
75 Crimson (Otherworldly)
(Blood Crawlers)
Otherworld A dark, ambient track which seems to feature some type of contrabass brass instrument for a "gloomy" feeling and eventually becomes almost psychedelic-sounding.
76 Underground Crimson (Otherworldly)
(Crimson Chasm)
Otherworld A brooding and increasingly frantic track.
77 Ice (Otherworldly)
(A Sweet Menace)
Otherworld It has a "crystalline" and rather ominous sound to it.
78 Underground Hallow (Otherworldly)
(Twisted Virtue)
Otherworld A sinister track that seems to involve different percussion instruments as well as a music box styled instrumentation to evoke a sense of sinister whimsy.
79 Eerie (Otherworldly)
(Enter Darkness)
Otherworld An almost doomsday-like track which features female hymns and what seems like electric guitar.
80 Boss 2 (Otherworldly)
(Sinkholes of Darkness)
Otherworld Almost explodes at start and immediately drops in order to gradually rise in intensity, followed by male and female chants.
81 Boss 1 (Otherworldly)
(Behold the OctoEye)
Otherworld Somewhat resembles the regular Old One's Army track, but with a darker feeling.
82 Invasion (Otherworldly)
(Fighting Off the Invasion)
Otherworld A menacing, "rapid" track which gives a sense of running out of time.
83 The Towers (Otherworldly)
(Fighting the Night)
Otherworld Somewhat heroic-sounding, and features chanting as well as ample amounts of electric guitar.
84 Lunar Boss (Otherworldly)
(Consumed by Darkness)
Otherworld Resembles The Towers track but has more chanting and feels even more dramatic, as is appropriate with the Moon Lord appearing after the Lunar Event.
85 Plantera (Otherworldly)
(Rage Of Tarunnk)
Otherworld A metal-like track with a sinister and somewhat gloomy feeling, appropriate for the fight against Plantera in the Underground Jungle.
86 Jungle (Otherworldly)
(Sky Guardian)
Otherworld A surprisingly tranquil track which seems to feature hurdy-gurdy music towards its end. The extended, enhanced version sold as part of the official Otherworld soundtrack is titled "Sky Guardian" (another name for the Wyvern) which suggests it was meant to play on Floating Islands or similar instead.
87 Wall of Flesh (Otherworldly) n/a It is a dramatic and at times also heroic-sounding track.
88 Hallow (Otherworldly)
(Postlude - Credits)
Otherworld A track which features angelic, hymn-like female vocals followed by calm piano music. It is the only in-game Otherworld track longer than 2 minutes.
89 Journey's End Vol. 4 1.4.1 A heroic, celebratory track, fit for the theme heard just after beating The Moon Lord. It includes short bits from several other tracks.
90 Deerclops n/a 1.4.3 This is the only non-"Otherworldly" track in the game not composed by Scott Lloyd Shelly – it is instead arranged by Klei Entertainment. It is an upbeat, electronic remix of "The E.F.S. Of Winter" from Don't Starve Together. "E.F.S." stands for "Epic Fight Song".
91 Aether n/a 1.4.4 Ethereal, surreal and yet calming track that bears a similarity to the Space tracks, fitting for the location the track plays in.

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  • Desktop Added Journey's End, Windy Day, Town Day, Town Night, Space Day, Ocean Night, Storm, Slime Rain, Graveyard, Underground Jungle, Surface Night Jungle, Queen Slime, Empress of Light, Duke Fishron, Morning Rain, Console Title, Underground Desert, Music Contest Winner, and "otherworldly" tracks. (Space Day, Ocean Night, Morning Rain, and Console Title were originally in the console version.)
  • Desktop Added Goblin Army, Underworld, Pirate Invasion, Martian Madness, Lunar Towers, and Moon Lord tracks.
  • Desktop 1.2.2: Added Alternate Underground and Frost Moon tracks.
  • Desktop 1.2: Added Ocean, Eclipse, Rain, Alternate Day, Space, Golem, Boss 4, Mushrooms, Crimson, Lihzahrd, Ice, Ice biome, Desert, Plantera, and Dungeon tracks. (Some were originally in the console version.)
  • Desktop 1.1:
    • Added Underground Corruption, The Hallow, Boss 2, Underground Hallow, and Boss 3 tracks.
    • Music tracks can now be recorded and played back with the Music Box accessory.
  • Desktop-Release: Introduced Overworld Day, Eerie, Night, Title, Underground, and Boss 1 tracks.


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