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Furniture sets are groups of standard furniture items that each exhibit a distinct theme and are therefore similar in appearance and style. Most sets can be crafted or found naturally-placed in the world. Others may be dropped by enemies.

There are a total of 43 furniture sets available in the game.


The following table displays the different furniture sets:

Type Source Bathtub Bed Bookcase Candelabra Candle Chandelier Chair Chest Clock Door Dresser Lamp Lantern Piano Platform Sink Sofa Table Toilet Work Bench
Generic Wood/Any Iron Bar/Gold Bar/Platinum Bar Bathtub Bed Bookcase Candelabra Platinum Candelabra Candle Platinum Candle Gold Chandelier Platinum Chandelier [1] Chair Chest Grandfather Clock Wooden Door [2] Dresser Piano Wood Platform Wooden Sink Metal Sink Sofa Wooden Table Toilet Work Bench
Boreal Wood(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions) Boreal Wood Boreal Wood Bathtub Boreal Wood Bed Boreal Wood Bookcase Boreal Wood Candelabra Boreal Wood Candle Boreal Wood Chandelier Boreal Wood Chair Boreal Wood Chest Boreal Wood Clock Boreal Wood Door Boreal Wood Dresser Boreal Wood Lamp Boreal Wood Lantern Boreal Wood Piano Boreal Wood Platform Boreal Wood Sink Boreal Wood Sofa Boreal Wood Table Boreal Wood Toilet Boreal Wood Work Bench
Rich Mahogany Rich Mahogany Rich Mahogany Bathtub Rich Mahogany Bed Rich Mahogany Bookcase Rich Mahogany Candelabra Rich Mahogany Candle Rich Mahogany Chandelier Rich Mahogany Chair Rich Mahogany Chest Rich Mahogany Clock Rich Mahogany Door Rich Mahogany Dresser Rich Mahogany Lamp Rich Mahogany Lantern Rich Mahogany Piano Rich Mahogany Platform Rich Mahogany Sink Rich Mahogany Sofa Rich Mahogany Table Rich Mahogany Toilet Rich Mahogany Work Bench
Palm Wood(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions)[3] Palm Wood Palm Wood Bathtub Palm Wood Bed Palm Wood Bookcase Palm Wood Candelabra Palm Wood Candle Palm Wood Chandelier Palm Wood Chair Palm Wood Chest Palm Wood Clock Palm Wood Door Palm Wood Dresser Palm Wood Lamp Palm Wood Lantern Palm Wood Piano Palm Wood Platform Palm Wood Sink Palm Wood Sofa Palm Wood Table Palm Wood Toilet Palm Wood Work Bench
Ebonwood Ebonwood Ebonwood Bathtub Ebonwood Bed Ebonwood Bookcase Ebonwood Candelabra Ebonwood Candle Ebonwood Chandelier Ebonwood Chair Ebonwood Chest Ebonwood Clock Ebonwood Door Ebonwood Dresser Ebonwood Lamp Ebonwood Lantern Ebonwood Piano Ebonwood Platform Ebonwood Sink Ebonwood Sofa Ebonwood Table Ebonwood Toilet Ebonwood Work Bench
Shadewood Shadewood Shadewood Bathtub Shadewood Bed Shadewood Bookcase Shadewood Candelabra Shadewood Candle Shadewood Chandelier Shadewood Chair Shadewood Chest Shadewood Clock Shadewood Door Shadewood Dresser Shadewood Lamp Shadewood Lantern Shadewood Piano Shadewood Platform Shadewood Sink Shadewood Sofa Shadewood Table Shadewood Toilet Shadewood Work Bench
Pearlwood Pearlwood Pearlwood Bathtub Pearlwood Bed Pearlwood Bookcase Pearlwood Candelabra Pearlwood Candle Pearlwood Chandelier Pearlwood Chair Pearlwood Chest Pearlwood Clock Pearlwood Door Pearlwood Dresser Pearlwood Lamp Pearlwood Lantern Pearlwood Piano Pearlwood Platform Pearlwood Sink Pearlwood Sofa Pearlwood Table Pearlwood Toilet Pearlwood Work Bench
Ash Wood(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Ash Wood Ash Wood Bathtub Ash Wood Bed Ash Wood Bookcase Ash Wood Candelabra Ash Wood Candle Ash Wood Chandelier Ash Wood Chair Ash Wood Chest Ash Wood Clock Ash Wood Door Ash Wood Dresser Ash Wood Lamp Ash Wood Lantern Ash Wood Piano Ash Wood Platform Ash Wood Sink Ash Wood Sofa Ash Wood Table Ash Wood Toilet Ash Wood Work Bench
Spooky Spooky Wood Spooky Bathtub Spooky Bed Spooky Bookcase Spooky Candelabra Spooky Candle Spooky Chandelier Spooky Chair Spooky Chest Spooky Clock Spooky Door Spooky Dresser Spooky Lamp Spooky Lantern Spooky Piano Spooky Platform Spooky Sink Spooky Sofa Spooky Table Spooky Toilet Spooky Work Bench
Dynasty(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions) Dynasty Wood Dynasty Bathtub Dynasty Bed Dynasty Bookcase Large Dynasty Candle Dynasty Candle Large Dynasty Lantern Dynasty Chair Dynasty Chest Dynasty Clock Dynasty Door Dynasty Dresser Dynasty Lamp Dynasty Lantern Dynasty Piano Dynasty Platform Dynasty Sink Dynasty Sofa Dynasty Table Dynasty Toilet Dynasty Work Bench
Bamboo(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Bamboo Bamboo Bathtub Bamboo Bed Bamboo Bookcase Bamboo Candelabra Bamboo Candle Bamboo Chandelier Bamboo Chair Bamboo Chest Bamboo Clock Bamboo Door Bamboo Dresser Bamboo Lamp Bamboo Lantern Bamboo Piano Bamboo Platform Bamboo Sink Bamboo Sofa Bamboo Table Bamboo Toilet Bamboo Work Bench
Cactus Cactus Cactus Bathtub Cactus Bed Cactus Bookcase Cactus Candelabra Cactus Candle Cactus Chandelier Cactus Chair Cactus Chest Cactus Clock Cactus Door Cactus Dresser Cactus Lamp Cactus Lantern Cactus Piano Cactus Platform Cactus Sink Cactus Sofa Cactus Table Cactus Toilet Cactus Work Bench
Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin Bathtub Pumpkin Bed Pumpkin Bookcase Pumpkin Candelabra Pumpkin Candle Pumpkin Chandelier Pumpkin Chair Pumpkin Chest Pumpkin Clock Pumpkin Door Pumpkin Dresser Pumpkin Lamp Pumpkin Lantern Pumpkin Piano Pumpkin Platform Pumpkin Sink Pumpkin Sofa Pumpkin Table Pumpkin Toilet Pumpkin Work Bench
Mushroom[3] Glowing Mushroom Mushroom Bathtub Mushroom Bed Mushroom Bookcase Mushroom Candelabra Mushroom Candle Mushroom Chandelier Mushroom Chair Mushroom Chest Mushroom Clock Mushroom Door Mushroom Dresser Mushroom Lamp Mushroom Lantern Mushroom Piano Mushroom Platform Mushroom Sink Mushroom Sofa Mushroom Table Mushroom Toilet Mushroom Work Bench
Granite(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Smooth Granite Block Granite Bathtub Granite Bed Granite Bookcase Granite Candelabra Granite Candle Granite Chandelier Granite Chair Granite Chest Granite Clock Granite Door Granite Dresser Granite Lamp Granite Lantern Granite Piano Granite Platform Granite Sink Granite Sofa Granite Table Granite Toilet Granite Work Bench
Marble(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Smooth Marble Block Marble Bathtub Marble Bed Marble Bookcase Marble Candelabra Marble Candle Marble Chandelier Marble Chair Marble Chest Marble Clock Marble Door Marble Dresser Marble Lamp Marble Lantern Marble Piano Marble Platform Marble Sink Marble Sofa Marble Table Marble Toilet Marble Work Bench
Sandstone(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Smooth Sandstone Sandstone Bathtub Sandstone Bed Sandstone Bookcase Sandstone Candelabra Sandstone Candle Sandstone Chandelier Sandstone Chair Sandstone Chest Sandstone Clock Sandstone Door Sandstone Dresser Sandstone Lamp Sandstone Lantern Sandstone Piano Sandstone Platform Sandstone Sink Sandstone Sofa Sandstone Table Sandstone Toilet Sandstone Work Bench
Frozen(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions) Ice Block Frozen Bathtub Frozen Bed Frozen Bookcase Frozen Candelabra Frozen Candle Frozen Chandelier Frozen Chair Frozen Chest Frozen Clock Frozen Door Frozen Dresser Frozen Lamp Frozen Lantern Frozen Piano Frozen Platform Frozen Sink Frozen Sofa Frozen Table Frozen Toilet Frozen Work Bench
Reef(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Reef Block Reef Bathtub Reef Bed Reef Bookcase Reef Candelabra Reef Candle Reef Chandelier Reef Chair Reef Chest Reef Clock Reef Door Reef Dresser Reef Lamp Reef Lantern Reef Piano Reef Platform Reef Sink Reef Sofa Reef Table Reef Toilet Reef Work Bench
Skyware Sunplate Block Skyware Bathtub Skyware Bed Skyware Bookcase Skyware Candelabra Skyware Candle Skyware Chandelier Skyware Chair Skyware Chest Skyware ClockSunplate Clock Skyware Door Skyware Dresser Skyware Lamp Skyware Lantern Skyware Piano Skyware Platform Skyware Sink Skyware Sofa Skyware Table Skyware Toilet Skyware Work Bench
Meteorite(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Meteorite Brick Meteorite Bathtub Meteorite Bed Meteorite Bookcase Meteorite Candelabra Meteorite Candle Meteorite Chandelier Meteorite Chair Meteorite Chest Meteorite Clock Meteorite Door Meteorite Dresser Meteorite Lamp Meteorite Lantern Meteorite Piano Meteorite Platform Meteorite Sink Meteorite Sofa Meteorite Table Meteor Toilet Meteorite Work Bench
Living Wood Wood Living Wood Bathtub Living Wood Bed Living Wood Bookcase Living Wood Candelabra Living Wood Candle Living Wood Chandelier Living Wood Chair Living Wood Chest Living Wood Clock Living Wood Door Living Wood Dresser Living Wood Lamp Living Wood Lantern Living Wood Piano Living Wood Platform Living Wood Sink Living Wood Sofa Living Wood Table Living Wood Toilet Living Wood Work Bench
Lesion(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Lesion Block Lesion Bathtub Lesion Bed Lesion Bookcase Lesion Candelabra Lesion Candle Lesion Chandelier Lesion Chair Lesion Chest Lesion Clock Lesion Door Lesion Dresser Lesion Lamp Lesion Lantern Lesion Piano Lesion Platform Lesion Sink Lesion Sofa Lesion Table Lesion Toilet Lesion Work Bench
Flesh Flesh Block Flesh Bathtub Flesh Bed Flesh Bookcase Flesh Candelabra Flesh Candle Flesh Chandelier Flesh Chair Flesh Chest Flesh Clock Flesh Door Flesh Dresser Flesh Lamp Flesh Lantern Flesh Piano Flesh Platform Flesh Sink Flesh Sofa Flesh Table Flesh Toilet Flesh Work Bench
Bone Bone Bone Bathtub Bone Bed Bone Bookcase Bone Candelabra Bone Chandelier Bone Chair Bone Chest Bone Clock Bone Door Bone Dresser Bone Lamp Bone Lantern Bone Piano Bone Platform Bone Sink Bone Sofa Bone Table Bone Toilet Bone Work Bench
Crystal(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Crystal Block Crystal Bathtub Crystal Bed Crystal Bookcase Crystal Candelabra Crystal Candle Crystal Chandelier Crystal Chair Crystal Chest Crystal Clock Crystal Door Crystal Dresser Crystal Lamp Crystal Lantern Crystal Piano Crystal Platform Crystal Sink Crystal Sofa Crystal Table Crystal Toilet Crystal Work Bench
Glass(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions) Glass Glass Bathtub Glass Bed Glass Bookcase Glass Candelabra Glass Candle Glass Chandelier Glass Chair Glass Chest Glass Clock Glass Door Glass Dresser Glass Lamp Glass Lantern Glass Piano Glass Platform Glass Sink Glass Sofa Glass Table Glass Toilet Glass Work Bench
Balloon(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Silly Balloons Balloon Bathtub Balloon Bed Balloon Bookcase Balloon Candelabra Balloon Candle Balloon Chandelier Balloon Chair Balloon Chest Balloon Clock Balloon Door Balloon Dresser Balloon Lamp Balloon Lantern Balloon Piano Balloon Platform Balloon Sink Balloon Sofa Balloon Table Balloon Toilet Balloon Work Bench
Slime Slime Block Slime Bathtub Slime Bed Slime Bookcase Slime Candelabra Slime Candle Slime Chandelier Slime Chair Slime Chest Slime Clock Slime Door Slime Dresser Slime Lamp Slime Lantern Slime Piano Slime Platform Slime Sink Slime Sofa Slime Table Slime Toilet Slime Work Bench
Honey Honey Block Honey Bathtub Honey Bed Honey Bookcase Honey Candelabra Honey Candle Honey Chandelier Honey Chair Honey Chest Honey Clock Honey Door Honey Dresser Honey Lamp Honey Lantern Honey Piano Honey Platform Honey Sink Honey Sofa Honey Table Honey Toilet Honey Work Bench
Spider(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Spider Nest Block Spider Bathtub Spider Bed Spider Bookcase Spider Candelabra Spider Candle Spider Chandelier Spider Chair Spider Chest Spider Clock Spider Door Spider Dresser Spider Lamp Spider Lantern Spider Piano Spider Platform Spider Sink Spider Sofa Spider Table Spider Toilet Spider Work Bench
Steampunk Cog Steampunk Bathtub Steampunk Bed Steampunk Bookcase Steampunk Candelabra Steampunk Candle Steampunk Chandelier Steampunk Chair Steampunk Chest Steampunk Clock Steampunk Door Steampunk Dresser Steampunk Lamp Steampunk Lantern Steampunk Piano Steampunk Platform Steampunk Sink Steampunk Sofa Steampunk Table Steampunk Toilet Steampunk Work Bench
Lihzahrd Lihzahrd Brick Lihzahrd Bathtub Lihzahrd Bed Lihzahrd Bookcase Lihzahrd Candelabra Lihzahrd Candle Lihzahrd Chandelier Lihzahrd Chair Lihzahrd Chest Lihzahrd Clock Lihzahrd Door Lihzahrd Dresser Lihzahrd Lamp Lihzahrd Lantern Lihzahrd Piano Lihzahrd Platform Lihzahrd Sink Lihzahrd Sofa Lihzahrd Table Lihzahrd Toilet Lihzahrd Work Bench
Martian(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Martian Conduit Plating Martian Bathtub Martian Bed Martian Holobookcase Martian Table Lamp Martian Hover Candle Martian Chandelier Martian Hover Chair Martian Chest Martian Astro Clock Martian Door Martian Dresser Martian Lamppost Martian Lantern Martian Piano Martian Platform Martian Sink Martian Sofa Martian Table Martian Toilet Martian Work Bench
Solar(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Solar Brick Solar Bathtub Solar Bed Solar Bookcase Solar Candelabra Solar Candle Solar Chandelier Solar Chair Solar Chest Solar Clock Solar Door Solar Dresser Solar Lamp Solar Lantern Solar Piano Solar Platform Solar Sink Solar Sofa Solar Table Solar Toilet Solar Work Bench
Vortex(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Vortex Brick Vortex Bathtub Vortex Bed Vortex Bookcase Vortex Candelabra Vortex Candle Vortex Chandelier Vortex Chair Vortex Chest Vortex Clock Vortex Door Vortex Dresser Vortex Lamp Vortex Lantern Vortex Piano Vortex Platform Vortex Sink Vortex Sofa Vortex Table Vortex Toilet Vortex Work Bench
Nebula(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Nebula Brick Nebula Bathtub Nebula Bed Nebula Bookcase Nebula Candelabra Nebula Candle Nebula Chandelier Nebula Chair Nebula Chest Nebula Clock Nebula Door Nebula Dresser Nebula Lamp Nebula Lantern Nebula Piano Nebula Platform Nebula Sink Nebula Sofa Nebula Table Nebula Toilet Nebula Work Bench
Stardust(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Stardust Brick Stardust Bathtub Stardust Bed Stardust Bookcase Stardust Candelabra Stardust Candle Stardust Chandelier Stardust Chair Stardust Chest Stardust Clock Stardust Door Stardust Dresser Stardust Lamp Stardust Lantern Stardust Piano Stardust Platform Stardust Sink Stardust Sofa Stardust Table Stardust Toilet Stardust Work Bench
Obsidian and Dungeon furniture cannot be crafted (except for the chest, sink, and toilet), and must be found.
Obsidian[4] Ruined House/Obsidian Brick Obsidian Bathtub Obsidian Bed Obsidian Bookcase Obsidian Candelabra Obsidian Candle Obsidian Chandelier Obsidian Chair Obsidian Chest[5] Obsidian Clock Obsidian Door Obsidian Dresser Obsidian Lamp Obsidian Lantern Obsidian Piano Obsidian Platform Obsidian Sink[5] Obsidian Sofa Obsidian Table Obsidian Toilet[5] Obsidian Work Bench
Blue Dungeon[4] Dungeon/Blue Brick Blue Dungeon Bathtub Blue Dungeon Bed Blue Dungeon Bookcase Blue Dungeon Candelabra Blue Dungeon Candle Blue Dungeon Chandelier Blue Dungeon Chair Blue Dungeon Chest[5] Blue Dungeon Clock Blue Dungeon Door Blue Dungeon Dresser Blue Dungeon Lamp Blue Dungeon Piano Blue Brick Platform Blue Dungeon Sink[5] Blue Dungeon Sofa Blue Dungeon Table Blue Dungeon Toilet[5] Blue Dungeon Work Bench
Green Dungeon[4] Dungeon/Green Brick Green Dungeon Bathtub Green Dungeon Bed Green Dungeon Bookcase Green Dungeon Candelabra Green Dungeon Candle Green Dungeon Chandelier Green Dungeon Chair Green Dungeon Chest[5] Green Dungeon Clock Green Dungeon Door Green Dungeon Dresser Green Dungeon Lamp Green Dungeon Piano Green Brick Platform Green Dungeon Sink[5] Green Dungeon Sofa Green Dungeon Table Green Dungeon Toilet[5] Green Dungeon Work Bench
Pink Dungeon[4] Dungeon/Pink Brick Pink Dungeon Bathtub Pink Dungeon Bed Pink Dungeon Bookcase Pink Dungeon Candelabra Pink Dungeon Candle Pink Dungeon Chandelier Pink Dungeon Chair Pink Dungeon Chest[5] Pink Dungeon Clock Pink Dungeon Door Pink Dungeon Dresser Pink Dungeon Lamp Pink Dungeon Piano Pink Brick Platform Pink Dungeon Sink[5] Pink Dungeon Sofa Pink Dungeon Table Pink Dungeon Toilet[5] Pink Dungeon Work Bench
Golden furniture cannot be crafted, and can only be acquired through Pirate drops
Golden Pirate Invasion Golden Bathtub Golden Bed Golden Bookcase Golden Candelabra Golden Candle Golden Chandelier Golden Chair Golden Chest Golden Clock Golden Door Golden Dresser Golden Lamp Golden Lantern Golden Piano Golden Platform Golden Sink Golden Sofa Golden Table Golden Toilet Golden Work Bench
  1. There are also Silver Chandelier Silver Tungsten Chandelier Tungsten, Copper Chandelier Copper, and Tin Chandelier Tin versions.
  2. There are also Iron Door Iron and Lead Door Lead versions.
  3. Palm Wood and Mushroom furniture sets also contain a Bench: Palm Wood Bench Mushroom Bench (the normal Bench Bench isn't actually part of the generic furniture set because it can be crafted with Any Wood, instead of just normal Wood)
  4. Obsidian and Dungeon furniture sets also contain a Vase: Obsidian Vase Blue Dungeon Vase Green Dungeon Vase Pink Dungeon Vase.
  5. Despite being part of a naturally found set, the chest, sink, and toilet can only be crafted.

Partial sets

In addition to the full sets above, there are a few sets that consist of only a few pieces.

Individual items

There are also individual items that do not fit into one of the above sets but are of the above item types.


  • The Solar, Nebula, Vortex and Stardust sets all have identical forms, and only differ in color.



  • Mobile Added Meteorite, Granite, Marble, and Martian furniture sets.