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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
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Sponges are tools used to "absorb" liquids by pressing the Use / Attack button on them. This causes the liquid to disappear from the environment without storing it. There are four different types of sponges:

  • Super Absorbant Sponge for absorbing water and shimmer
  • Lava Absorbant Sponge for absorbing lava
  • Honey Absorbant Sponge for absorbing honey
  • Ultra Absorbant Sponge for absorbing all kinds of liquid

Attempting to use a sponge on a different type of liquid has no effect.

Sponges can be used limitlessly and are never depleted. They are also slightly faster at draining liquids when compared to using a standard Empty Bucket (especially when moving the cursor around while draining).


Sponge Tooltip Rarity Sell Bonus Use time Source
Super Absorbant Sponge Super Absorbant SpongeInternal Item ID: 3032 Capable of soaking up an endless amount of water Rarity level: 7 10 GC +2 range 12
(Very fast)
  • Angler quest reward (1/70 (1.43%) chance after 10th quest)
Lava Absorbant Sponge Lava Absorbant SpongeInternal Item ID: 4872 Capable of soaking up an endless amount of lava Rarity level: 7 10 GC +2 range 12
(Very fast)
Honey Absorbant Sponge Honey Absorbant SpongeInternal Item ID: 5303 Capable of soaking up an endless amount of honey Rarity level: 7 10 GC +2 range 12
(Very fast)
  • Angler quest reward (if the quest item is Bumblebee Tuna)
    • 1/4 (25%) chance in pre-Hardmode; 1/2 (50%) chance in Hardmode
Ultra Absorbant Sponge Ultra Absorbant SpongeInternal Item ID: 5304 Capable of soaking up an endless amount of liquid Rarity level: 8 30 GC +3 range 8
(Insanely fast)



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Ultra Absorbant SpongeUltra Absorbant Sponge(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop


Using the Ultra Absorbant Sponge to absorb liquids.
  • Using the Super Absorbant Sponge below the surface of a water body briefly creates a pocket of air before the surrounding water can fill it in. If used over the player's head, the breath meter will be replenished, as the player's head will momentarily be considered to be out of the water.
  • The Super Absorbant Sponge can help keep the player from drowning when creating tunnels or exploring underground.
  • The Ultra Absorbant Sponge has a slightly increased range and use time, despite all other sponges having the same amount, making it a direct upgrade even beyond the fact it can absorb all liquids.

See also

  • Bottomless Buckets(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), counterparts which place infinite liquids.
  • Dry Bombs(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), bombs which can absorb any liquid.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Super Absorbant Sponge and Lava Absorbant Sponge sprites updated. Old sprites were: Super Absorbant Sponge (old).png Lava Absorbant Sponge (old).png
    • Added the Honey and Ultra Absorbant Sponges.
    • Super Absorbant Sponge can now be obtained in pre-hardmode.
  • Desktop Fixed typo in the Super Absorbant Sponge's tooltip ("Capable of soaking up any endless amount of water").