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Hello, welcome to my userpage. Feel free to post something on my talk page.

About me

I'm a Dutch IT student, who apparently likes Terraria. Beside playing Terraria I also edit this wiki quite a lot(surprise!). This isn't the first wiki I edit. Before this I helped with Age of Empires Online. Because they ruined the game during the beta I stopped editing it.

I have access to the source code and I can read it quite well, so if there is anything you need to know feel free to ask me.
Furthermore I've written a small program that is able to create infoboxes for NPCs and Items, so that for version 1.1 and later the new NPCs and items can quickly be added. When an update comes out I will add the new items on my page. (You can view the wiki code of old items in the history of this page.) Last of all I may be able to make large amounts of similar edits using my bot (or this account in case admin rights are needed), so if you think there is something that could be automated feel free to ask me.


I'm currently semi-active. I'll read the community/admin noticeboard (and my talk page), but am not actively patrolling. If there are vandals please report them on the admin noticeboard so I will see them.

1.4 Items