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Dog License
  • Dog License item sprite
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Use time45 (Very slow)
TooltipUse to adopt a dog for your town
Already have a dog?
Use additional licenses to activate the Pet Exchange Program!
Find the perfect fit for you and your dog!
RarityRarity level: 2
Research5 required

The Dog License is a consumable item that can be purchased from the Zoologist for 5 after filling out 25% (135 entries) of the Bestiary. Using it allows a Town Dog to move into town the next morning.

Upon use, the status message "The license teleports away to the dog delivery service..." is displayed.


  • Just like any other NPC, the Town Dog requires valid housing with proper size, background walls, a table, a chair, and a light source. However, it can share a house already occupied by another NPC, although not with another town pet.
  • Use a second Dog License after one has already been used will result in the exchange of the previous Town Dog.


  • Desktop 1.4.4: Town pets can now be exchanged by using another Pet License.