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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

Frostbite is a Hardmode debuff that is a stronger version of Frostburn, preventing health regeneration and causing afflicted entities to lose 25 health per second. If affected by the Oiled debuff, afflicted entities will also take an additional 25 damage per second, totaling 50 damage per second.


From player

From Duration Chance Total Damage
Amarok Amarok(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 2–5 seconds 67% 50-125
Cool Whip Cool Whip(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 4 seconds 100% 100
Elf Melter Elf Melter 20 seconds 100% (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 500
Flower of Frost Flower of Frost 5–14 seconds 100% 125-350
Frostbrand Frostbrand((Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) frost bolt) 4 seconds 100% 100
Frost Staff Frost Staff 7 seconds 100% < 175
Staff of the Frost Hydra Staff of the Frost Hydra 5 seconds 100% (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 125
Frost armor Frost armor((Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Ranged or melee attack) 5–14 seconds 100% 125-350
Wand of Frosting Wand of Frosting(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)(in don't dig up / getfixedboi seeds) 2-3 seconds 50% 50-75

Immune NPCs

Enemies immune to Frostbite