Worm Scarf

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Expert Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Expert Mode and Expert Mode worlds.
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Worm Scarf
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TooltipReduces damage taken by 17%
RarityRarity level: Rainbow
Research1 required
Obtained from Obtained from
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Treasure Bag
(Eater of Worlds)
Treasure Bag (Eater of Worlds)Treasure Bag
(Eater of Worlds)

The Worm Scarf is an Expert Mode accessory that reduces incoming damage by 17%. The Worm Scarf is always obtained from the Eater of Worlds' Treasure Bag.

This damage reduction from this item is calculated after defense is applied:

Damage_taken = ( Raw_damage - (Defense * (.5 or .75 or 1 for normal/expert/master modes respectively)) ) * (1 - .17)

Visually, it appears to be piercing through the player’s shoulder.


(100%-45%) * (100%-(17%+10%)) = 40.15% damage taken = 59.85% damage reduction
Frozen Turtle Shell (25%) will further increase it to almost 74%.
(100%-45%) * (100%-(25%+17%+10%)) = 26.4% damage taken = 73.6% damage reduction
  • Having 6 Worm Scarfs equipped at the same time reduces damage taken by 100%, making the player invincible against most forms of attacks. This is not possible during normal gameplay, however.
    • However, all attacks still deal 1 damage to the player. Continuous damage can still kill the player, if the player's life regeneration is not adequate.
    • This does not protect against damaging debuffs, such as Cursed Inferno.


  • Percent damage reduction on accessories/potions apply first, then damage reduction on set bonuses are applied (e.g. Beetle armor, Solar Flare armor).
  • When fighting the Dungeon Guardian, the Worm Scarf (when combined with a few potions or accessories) can allow the player to survive a hit from the Dungeon Guardian without the use of too many accessories and buffs.
  • As the game progresses and especially on higher difficulties, enemy damage will start hitting well into the hundreds. The Worm Scarf thus becomes a valuable tool in increasing survivability, especially considering the damage reduction is equal across all difficulties unlike defense.
  • Since the Worm Scarf can be taken into non-expert worlds, it is often a good idea to level a character up to near or post-Hardmode gear, create an Expert world, and easily defeat the Eater of Worlds for its Worm Scarf, which remains useful even at endgame.