Mighty Wind

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Mighty Wind is a debuff exclusively inflicted on players during a Sandstorm. It slowly pushes affected players in the direction of the wind, hindering (or increasing) their movement. The debuff will still take effect if the player has a knockback-negating accessory, such as the Cobalt Shield, but it does not affect players standing in front of background walls or while held in place with a grappling hook.

The debuff is only inflicted on players, but enemies in a Sandstorm will also act as if under its effects.


From environment

From Duration Chance
Sandstorm Until the event is over 1/1 (100%)


  • The player is pushed more if they jump, but less if they are moving themselves left or right.
  • The player will be pushed west when the Weather Radio indicates that the wind speed is at zero and is under this debuff.