Lavaproof Tackle Bag

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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Lavaproof Tackle Bag
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TooltipFishing line will never break, decreases chance of bait consumption, increases fishing power by 10
Allows fishing in lava
RarityRarity level: 8
Sell4 GC
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 5064 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

The Lavaproof Tackle Bag is an accessory that combines the functionalities of its components: the Angler Earring's 10% boost to fishing power, the Tackle Box's chance not to consume bait, the unbreakable quality of the High Test Fishing Line, and the ability to fish in lava from the Lavaproof Fishing Hook.

The Lavaproof Tackle Bag's increase in fishing power stacks with that of the Angler Earring and the Angler Tackle Bag, granting a total boost of 30% if all three are equipped. The decreased chance to consume bait does not stack with that of the Tackle Box or the Angler Tackle Bag.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Lavaproof Tackle BagLavaproof Tackle Bag(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop

Crafting tree

The following three items are interchangable with ShimmerShimmer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).
Tackle BoxTackle Box
( Angler )
High Test Fishing LineHigh Test Fishing Line
( Angler )
Angler EarringAngler Earring
( Angler )
Tinkerer's Workshop
Angler Tackle BagAngler Tackle Bag(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Lavaproof Fishing HookLavaproof Fishing Hook(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
( Obsidian Crate Hellstone Crate )
Tinkerer's Workshop
Lavaproof Tackle BagLavaproof Tackle Bag(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)


  • Desktop 1.4.4: Tooltip now shows how much fishing power it grants.