Flesh Knuckles

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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Flesh Knuckles
  • Flesh Knuckles item sprite
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TooltipEnemies are more likely to target you
RarityRarity level: 5
Sell8 GC
Research1 required
  • Internal Item ID: 3016 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Crimson MimicCrimson Mimic2.pngCrimson Mimic120%

Flesh Knuckles are a Hardmode accessory. They increase the player's defense by 8 and aggro by 400. Flesh Knuckles have a 1/5 (20%) chance to be dropped by Crimson Mimics.


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Berserker's GloveBerserker's Glove(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop
Hero ShieldHero Shield(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)


  • Reforging the Flesh Knuckles to the Warding modifier will grant the player a total of 12 additional defense, a very significant boost for boss fights.
  • If playing in cooperative multiplayer, the Flesh Knuckles synergize well with Turtle armor, Beetle armor, and Solar Flare armor, as all of these armor sets have the same effect as the Flesh Knuckles – drawing enemy aggro more frequently, likely sparing teammates with less defense from taking as much damage. The Paladin Shield, Hero Shield, and Frozen Turtle Shell can also be equipped for something of a "tank" build.
  • It can be used in multiplayer when most of the players are at low health (during boss fight or events) and only one has a good amount of health to avoid further damage to the others.
  • It and its upgrades can be used to make afk farms more efficient.


  • The Flesh Knuckles are The Crimson's counterpart to The Corruption's Putrid Scent, since they decrease damage received and increase the odds of being targeted, whereas the Putrid Scent increases damage dealt and decreases odds of being targeted.
    • This is also supported by the fact that both are dropped by their respective Mimics.
  • Flesh Knuckles are based on real-life brass knuckles, implements worn on one's hands to both increase the damage caused by a punch and reduce the damage from the shock on the user's hands. Despite the name, they are available in several materials, including non-metals such as carbon fiber.
    • The Flesh Knuckles' palm grip, in addition to being made of bone, appears to be spiked, which would make them realistically impractical to wear due to it stabbing into the wearer's hand.