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Creeper.pngOld-gen console version and Nintendo 3DS version
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeCreeper AI
Max Life100/170/216
KB Resist20%/28%/36%
Immune toConfused
This article is about the Brain of Cthulhu's minion. For the Halloween event costume, see Creeper set. For the spider enemies, see Wall Creeper and Jungle Creeper. For the pet summon, see Creeper Egg.

The Creeper is an eyeball-like enemy that is spawned along with the Brain of Cthulhu in a group of 20. They orbit the boss at high speed, following it wherever it teleports to, acting as a shield of sorts. Creepers do not respawn once they are killed. All Creepers must be destroyed first before the Brain of Cthulhu becomes vulnerable to attacks.

Creepers have a 1/2 (50%) chance to drop a Heart if the player is below full health.[1]


  • When hitting a player in Expert Mode(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) or Master Mode(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), a Creeper always inflicts one of the nine following debuffs:[2]
Debuff Duration[2]
PoisonedPoisoned 5.23–10.5 sec
6.53–13.12 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
DarknessDarkness 3–6 sec
3.75–7.5 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
CursedCursed 0.73–1.5 sec
0.92–1.87 sec
2/81 (2.47%)
BleedingBleeding 7.5–15 sec
9.37–18.75 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
ConfusedConfused 1.5–3 sec
1.87–3.75 sec
2/81 (2.47%)
SlowSlow 5.23–10.5 sec
6.53–13.12 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
WeakWeak 11.23–22.5 sec
14.03–28.12 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
SilencedSilenced 1.5–3 sec
1.87–3.75 sec
11/81 (13.58%)
Broken ArmorBroken Armor 9.73–19.5 sec
12.17–24.37 sec
11/81 (13.58%)



  • In Classic Mode, the Brain of Cthulhu does not drop any Tissue Samples itself; only Creepers do. However, both enemies drop Crimtane Ore.[3] In Expert Mode, the Brain's Treasure Bag will drop some Tissue Samples.
  • The Creeper's 1/2 chance to drop a Heart is six times higher than the regular 1/12 chance of most other enemies.
  • The Creeper resembles the Phantasmal Sphere attack of the Moon Lord and his True Eyes of Cthulhu.
  • Creepers are one of the few enemies that cannot pick up dropped coins in Expert Mode.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Creeper: "Manipulated through the hive mind of the Crimson, Creepers serve as the brain's eyes and orbit around it for defense in numbers."


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Reduced the number of Tissue Samples dropped in Expert Mode from 4–10 to 1–3. Added an even lower number and rate for Master Mode: 50% for 1–2 Tissue Samples.
    • Reduced the number of Crimtane Ore dropped in Expert Mode from 11–25 to 5–7. Added an even lower amount for Master Mode: 2–4 Crimtane Ore.
  • Desktop
    • Now able to inflict a variety of debuffs in Expert Mode.
    • Increased the amount of Crimtane Ore dropped in Classic Mode from 4–10 to 5–12.


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