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FlockoHardmode exclusive
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeFlocko AI
Max Life450/675/1012
KB Resist60%/64%/68%
BannerFlocko BannerFlocko Banner
Immune toFrostburnConfusedPoisonedFrostbite

The Flocko is a Hardmode, post-Plantera enemy that spawns during the Frost Moon event. It spawns during waves 11 and later, tending to spawn along with the Ice Queen. It flies toward the player at high speed.

Defeating a Flocko adds 5 points (10 points) / 5 points during the Frost Moon event. [1]


  • Flock is a short pulverized fiber that can be used to create a velvety coating on objects, such as the spray-on snow used to decorate Christmas trees.
  • The name may also refer to the French "flocon" or the German "Flocke" (more properly "Schneeflocke"), both meaning "snowflake".
  • On the achievement for reaching the 15th wave of the Frost Moon, called Ice Scream, the Flocko appears to be in the picture.
  • It has one of the lowest defenses of any Hardmode enemy, with only 8 defense.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Flocko: "These ferocious flakes are the frozen minions of the Ice Queen. Where this sinister snow falls, so shall her icy judgment."


  • Desktop
    • Damage decreased from 90 to 75.
    • Health decreased from 800 to 450.
    • Defense decreased from 12 to 8.
    • Frost Moon points reduced from 5 to 0.
  • Desktop 1.2.3: All waves in Frost Moon correctly use "Flocko" in the warning.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method CheckProgressFrostMoon() in Terraria.NPC.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version Desktop version is