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Santa-NK1Hardmode exclusive
Santa-NK1 phase 1.gif     Santa-NK1 phase 2.gif
Map Icon Santa-NK1.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeSanta-NK1 AI
Damage120/180/270 (contact)
72144216 (Bullet)
160320480 (Spike)
84168252 (Missile)
100200300 (Present) [1]
Max Life18000/23400/29835
KB Resist100%
Immune toFrostburnConfusedPoisonedFrostbite
Coins1 GC2 GC50 SC
Projectiles created
Projectiles created
Projectiles created
  • Deadeye Bullet
    Deadeye Bullet
  • Missile
  • Present
  • Spike
"Santank" redirects here. For the item that summons the Santank mount, see Toy Tank.

Santa-NK1 is a Hardmode, post-Plantera mini-boss that spawns during the Frost Moon event. When below half health, the face and beard of the Santa mask are torn apart to reveal a rather morbid mechanical skull underneath.

Defeating Santa-NK1 will add 100 / 200 / 250 points during the Frost Moon.[3]


Santa-NK1 has four different attacks, all of which occur independently of each other:[1]

  • Santa-NK1's chain gun arm periodically fires bullets at the player. The gun's rate of fire increases as Santa-NK1's health drops.
  • Santa-NK1 frequently drops a large red spike ball on the ground that deals very high damage. This attack increases in frequency as Santa-NK1's health drops.
  • Santa-NK1 randomly fires a barrage of missiles that can travel through blocks. These are fired at a constant rate of 5 per second. These barrages become more common as Santa-NK1's health drops.
  • Santa-NK1 also randomly launches a barrage of red presents high into the air that descend slowly to the ground via parachutes, dealing contact damage to players. These travel through blocks and are fired at a constant rate of 6.67 per second. These barrages also become more common as Santa-NK1's health drops.

All of Santa-NK1's attacks either increase their rate of fire or increase their chance of occurring as its health drops, as described above; the specific effects are listed in the following table. Note that these changes happen as Santa-NK1's health passes the listed thresholds, and are not continuous; thus, for example, its chain gun firing rate will be 3.75 bullets/second at 100% health and also at 75% health, but as soon as its health drops below 75%, the rate of fire will increase to 4.29/sec.

Health Chain Gun
rate of fire
Average attack interval (seconds)
Santa-NK1 Spike.png
Santa-NK1 Present.png
≥ 75%[a] 3.75 10 20 45
≥ 50%[b] 4.29 9 18 40.5
≥ 25%[c] 5.45 7.5 15 33.75
< 25% 7.5 5 10 22.5


  • Santa-NK1 has one of the highest damage rates in the game.
  • Santa-NK1 has a higher chance of dropping loot in later waves. See Frost Moon § Loot for more details.


  • Players should note that its Present launcher and Missile barrage attacks are highly inaccurate.
  • Using wings to fly over it back and forth will make its chain gun and the Missile barrage harder to hit the player.
  • The Razorpine and Golden Shower/Betsy's Wrath(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) are very effective against it. Hitting it first with the Golden Shower/Betsy's Wrath lowers its defense, increasing the DPS of the Razorpine. This is highly effective with Spectre armor with the Spectre Hood as it fully heals the player no matter how low the player's health is.
    • This seems to be even more effective on the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version because the Spectre Hood still has its old stats, which increases magic damage, instead of lowering it.


  • The Spike balls can nearly one-shot players in Master Mode(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), due to their damage being 480. This is by far the most damage dealt by a single attack in the entire Frost Moon event; it is also stronger than most other bosses' attacks, even dealing higher damage per hit than the Moon Lord's Phantasmal Deathray.
  • Santa-NK1 is a play on the portmanteau of Santa and tank, Santank, the name used when the enemy was first announced.
    • The image in the game files used for when the face is ripped off uses the name SantaTank.png.
  • Its arm appears to be a large Chain Gun, an item which it sometimes drops.
  • The face and mask may be a reference to the Terminator science fiction action movie series, as the Terminator has a metal frame and an outside "skin" made of living tissue.
  • It is one of the only three bosses whose map icon does not change after entering its second phase, the others being the Brain of Cthulhu and Queen Slime(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).
  • There is no Pumpkin Moon equivalent to Santa-NK1, unlike the other two Frost Moon bosses (Everscream and Ice Queen), who each have counterparts in the Pumpkin Moon event (Mourning Wood and Pumpking, respectively).
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for Santa-NK1: "This jolly bad boy wants to stuff everyone's stockings with the gift of their entrails. This cranky Kringle's gone postal."
  • "Going postal" is a term used to describe the feeling of extreme and uncontrollable anger that often results in violent behavior, usually in a workplace environment.


  • Desktop 1.4.4: Increased the Frost Moon wave point progression per kill in Master Mode from 200 to 250.
  • Desktop
    • Its projectiles now fire slower and do less damage.
    • Increased the Frost Moon wave point progression per kill from 80 to 100.


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  1. 13,500 / 17,550 / 22,376
  2. 9,000 / 11,700 / 14,917
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