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Obtained from Obtained from
Classic Mode.png Classic
Expert Mode.png Expert
Master Mode.png Master
Frozen ZombieFrozen Zombie.gifFrozen Zombie12%
Raincoat ZombieRaincoat Zombie.gifRaincoat Zombie12%

The Shackle is an accessory that grants 1 point of defense. It is dropped by most kinds of Zombies with a 1/50 (2%) chance. Shackles may be useful early in the game when only few accessories are available. Typically, they should be replaced with more valuable accessories once out of free slots.


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Magic CuffsMagic CuffsTinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop


  • Later in the game, the player can swap in the Obsidian Skull or Cobalt Shield as a replacement, which grants a defense bonus but also Burning or knockback immunity respectively.
    • The Obsidian Shield (when both are combined) provides 2 defense and grants immunity to both Burning and knockback.


  • Due to Zombies spawning in large quantities during a Blood Moon, Shackles are relatively easy to acquire during the event.
  • Due to its low reforging cost, this item is useful for getting better modifiers like Arcane, Violent, Lucky, and Warding.
    • With the "Warding" modifier, 4 defense is added for a total of 5, which is nearly equivalent to Copper armor (6 defense with set bonus).


  • In real life, a Shackle is either a metal link used for linking devices together or chains used to restrain prisoners.
  • The Zombie Arm appears to have a shackle on its wrist.