Raincoat Zombie

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The Raincoat Zombie is a zombie variant that only appears during the rain on the surface at night. It acts the same as normal zombies, slowly walking towards the player to deal contact damage, while attempting to navigate around obstacles and only being able to open doors during a Blood Moon. It is differentiated from other zombies in that it is dressed in traditional yellow raincoat attire, which it can also drop in the form of the Rain Hat and Rain Coat armor pieces.

Raincoat Zombies can appear in three different size variations with slightly different stats. Unlike normal zombies, it does not have an Armed variation in Expert Mode.


Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
2 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode
3 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode › Post-Plantera
NPC ID Type Health Damage Defense KB Resist Coins
223 Raincoat Zombie.png Raincoat Zombie 50/100220/150330 16/3256/4884 8/816 55%/60%/64% 70Pre-Hardmode: 175Hardmode: 280
-54 Raincoat Zombie.png Small Raincoat Zombie 45/90198/135297 14/2850/4375 7/714 51%/55%/60% 63Pre-Hardmode: 157Hardmode: 252
-55 Raincoat Zombie.png Big Raincoat Zombie 55/110242/165363 17/3561/5292 8/817 60%/64%/68% 77Pre-Hardmode: 192Hardmode: 38


  • The yellow raincoat makes them easier to see than most zombies.


  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Raincoat Zombie: "Some zombies never leave home without their trusty raincoat. Comfy and dry, they pursue human flesh no matter the weather."
  • This is rather ironic, as Raincoat Zombies only spawn when it is raining. Regular Zombies are the ones who spawn "no matter the weather".


  • Desktop
    • Name now displayed as "Raincoat Zombie" instead of just "Zombie".
    • Decreased drop chance of Rain Hat and Rain Coat from 5*1/20 (5%) each to 2.5*1/40 (2.5%) each.