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PotionSource / IngredientsEffects
Gender Change PotionGender Change Potion(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Changes the character's gender to the opposite.
Potion of ReturnPotion of Return(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Teleports the player to their spawn point, and creates a portal to return to their previous location.
Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version only:
Recall PotionRecall Potion
Teleports the player to their spawn point.
Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS version only:
Recall PotionRecall Potion
Teleportation PotionTeleportation PotionTeleports the player to a random location within the world.
Wormhole PotionWormhole Potion(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)3Teleports the player to a teammate when they click their icon on the map.
Red PotionRed Potion(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Obtainable via various chests around the world with the seeds: "05162020", "for the worthy", or "get fixed boi".
Also dropped by Jungle Mimics in worlds with the seed "Celebrationmk10(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)".
Inflicts the Darkness, Poisoned, Cursed, On Fire!, Weak, Confused, Slow, Silenced, Broken Armor, Bleeding, and Suffocation debuffs on the player that consumed it, or 3 random 30 minute buffs if used in a world with the seed "for the worthy".