Unholy Trident

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Unholy Trident
  • Unholy Trident item spriteold Unholy Trident item sprite
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Damage88 / 63 (Magic)
Knockback6.5 (Strong)
Mana19 / 14
Critical chance4%
Use time17 (Very fast)
TooltipSummons the Devil's trident
RarityRarity level: 6
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Unholy Trident (friendly)
    Unholy Trident (friendly)
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Red DevilRed Devil.pngRed Devil13.33%
The Unholy Trident in action. Notice how it pierces up to two enemies, dissipating upon impacting a third.

The Unholy Trident is a Hardmode magic weapon that fires fast magic tridents and has a fast fire rate, but a high mana cost. The projectiles pierce up to 2 enemies, and dissipate upon impacting a third. It has a 3.33*1/30 (3.33%) chance to be dropped by Red Devils in The Underworld after defeating any mechanical boss.

Its best modifier is Mythical.



  • It can be considered a Hardmode version of the Gem staves, due to both weapons firing a projectile that pierces a limited amount of enemies in a straight line.


  • Desktop 1.4.1:
    • Damage increased from 73 to 88.
    • Applies a 10% damage penalty to the next hit for each enemy a projectile pierces.
  • Desktop
    • Use time decreased from 22 to 17.
    • Mana cost decreased from 25 to 19.
  • Desktop
    • Damage increased from 67 to 73.
    • Mana usage increased from 14 to 25.
    • Use time decreased from 29 to 21.
    • Rarity decreased from Rarity level: 7 to Rarity level: 6.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Damage increased from 65 to 67.
    • Use time decreased from 39 to 29.