Ice Sickle

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Ice Sickle
  • Ice Sickle item spriteold Ice Sickle item sprite
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Damage50 (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) / 40 (Old-gen console and 3DS versions) (Melee)
Knockback5.5 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time25 (Fast)
TooltipShoots an icy sickle
RarityRarity level: 5
Sell5 GC
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Ice Sickle
    Ice Sickle
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Armored VikingArmored Viking.gifArmored Viking1(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 1% / (Old-gen console and 3DS versions) 0.56%
Ice ElementalIce Elemental.gifIce Elemental1(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 1% / (Old-gen console and 3DS versions) 0.56%
Ice TortoiseIce Tortoise.gifIce Tortoise11% (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
0.56% (Old-gen console and 3DS versions)
Icy MermanIcy Merman.gifIcy Merman1(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) 1% / (Old-gen console and 3DS versions) 0.56%
Not to be confused with Death Sickle or Sickle.
(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) The Ice Sickle in use.
(Old-gen console and 3DS versions) The Ice Sickle in use.

The Ice Sickle is a Hardmode sword that fires a spinning blue sickle projectile with no ammunition or mana cost. The projectile will gradually reduce speed and eventually stop in midair, exist up to 5 seconds before disappearing, and pierce a limited number of targets. The Ice Sickle can be dropped by Armored Vikings, Ice Elementals, Ice Tortoises, and Icy Mermen, which spawn in the Snow and Ice biomes.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, its projectile deals 67% of the weapon's damage (33 base damage) and can pierce up to 3 enemies, dissipating upon hitting the fourth. Its drop chance is 1/100 (1%).

On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, its projectile deals 100% of the weapon's damage (40 base damage) and can pierce up to 4 enemies, dissipating upon hitting the fifth. Its drop chance is 1/180 (0.56%).

Its best modifier is Legendary.


  • Like the Death Sickle, the range of the projectile produced by the weapon increases with melee speed.


  • The weapon is very effective for close-range area control, as most enemies will be knocked back and take high damage by trying to pass through the hovering projectile. It is also potent against worm enemies (like the The Destroyer, Dune Splicer, Digger or World Feeder) that take multiple hits from each projectile.
  • The Ice Sickle is extremely useful in early Hardmode, because it can be obtained just after defeating the Wall of Flesh and can kill groups of enemies in just a few hits.
  • This weapon is good for dealing with monsters that can travel through blocks (especially while farming).


  • The name Ice Sickle is a play on the word icicle.
  • The Ice Sickle is improperly named; it more resembles a real-life scythe than a sickle, as it is much larger than sickles and lacks their short handle and circular blade.


  • Desktop
    • Projectile damage increased from 50% of base to 67%.
    • Pierce count on projectile increased from 3 to 4.
  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Damage increased from 42 to 50.
    • Range of Ice Sickle projectiles increased by 50%.
    • Projectile damage reduced from 100% of base damage to 50% of base damage.
    • Projectile changed to use static frames, and reduced the immune time between hits (deals damage slightly more often).
    • Projectile pierce count reduced from 5 to 3.
    • Drop rate increased from 1/180 to 1/100.