Skeleton Sniper

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The Skeleton Sniper is a rare post-Plantera, Hardmode Dungeon enemy that attacks from long range. A Skeleton Sniper approaches a targeted player slowly and, as soon as it has a clear line-of-sight to the player, pauses briefly before firing a single shot. This shot can be fired from offscreen, and deals enough damage to kill a player with maximum health in three hits (two in Expert mode, one in Master mode).

It is one of the few entities that can be detected by the Lifeform Analyzer or its upgrades.

The Skeleton Sniper spawns most often in areas of the Dungeon backed by Slab Walls, along with Rusty Armored Bones and Ragged Casters. Removing these naturally occurring back walls will prevent these enemies from spawning, but they cannot be replaced to spawn these enemies elsewhere. These areas can further be identified by the presence of Ragged Brotherhood Sigils and Rusted Company Standards, but these banners are purely indicative and do not influence spawning.


  • The Sniper must pause again after being hit, so using rapid-firing long-range weapons at it will prevent it from attacking.
  • Weapons with good knockback are not advisable for this enemy, because knocking it back far enough will make it pause instantly when on solid ground and shoot the player with ease.


  • The Skeleton Sniper appears to be using a different gun than the Sniper Rifle it drops.
    • The Skeleton Sniper's weapon resembles an FG 42, which was used by German paratroopers during WWII. The FG42 is meant to be a replacement for a light machine gun, not a sniper rifle. However, a few were equipped with ZF4 scopes and used in a limited sniper role.
  • The Skeleton Sniper also appears to wear a Stahlhelm, a helmet used by the German military during both World Wars.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Skeleton Sniper: "These eagle-eyed sharpshooters let nothing escape their crosshairs. Part of an elite military unit in their past lives."