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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Crawdad.gif Crawdad Blue.gif
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeFighter AI
5210593187157140281 (claw attack)[1]
Max Life50/100110220/150165330
KB Resist0%/10%/20%
BannerCrawdad BannerCrawdad Banner(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Immune toConfused
Coins1 SC20 CCPre-Hardmode: 3 SCHardmode: 2 SC40 CCPost-Plantera: 4 SC80 CC
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • Potato ChipsPotato Chips(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
  • 1.25%
  • CompassCompass(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions)
  • RallyRally(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Crawdad Blue2.gif
The Crawdad's claw attack.

The Crawdad is an enemy found in the Cavern layer. It has two color variants that share identical stats and behavior. Crawdad acts like Crabs, walking along the ground and jumping at the player when in close enough proximity, though it is slightly faster. It is also capable of moving through water unhindered. When a Crawdad is right next to the player, it will attack with its claw, dealing high damage.

Crawdads are unique in that their ability to spawn is connected to two other enemies: the Giant Shelly and the Salamander. Of these three enemies, a world will choose two types that it can spawn, leaving the third inaccessible. Crawdads will never spawn in a world that features both Giant Shellies and Salamanders together. This is taken into account by the Bestiary progression logic (the missing enemy will register as unlocked when the other two exclusive creatures are unlocked) and the banner acquisition (any two of the trio's banners can be used to craft the banner of the missing member of the trio).


  • Crawdad can only perform claw attacks when the following conditions are met:[2]
    • It is not moving vertically (i.e. not jumping or falling).
    • Its position is below surface layer. If it is above surface layer, then it can only perform claw attacks during night.


  • In real life crawdads, also called crayfish, are a type of small, freshwater lobster. Real-life crawdads generally grow to a little over half a foot long, and as such do not pose any significant threat to humans, unlike Terrarian crawdads.
  • The idle and hurt sounds for the Crawdad are lifted from one of Team Fortress 2's official short movies; Expiration Date.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Crawdad: "A subterranean form of crayfish which scuttles along the cavern floors, searching for prey to clip apart with its powerful pincers."


  • Desktop 1.4.4: Any 2 of Salamander/Shelly/Crawdad Trio's banners can be used to craft the banner of the missing member of the trio.


  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, methods AI_003_Fighters() in Terraria.NPC.cs and GetMeleeCollisionData() in Terraria.NPC.cs. Claw attack lasts 20 ticks, and will enlarge the enemy's hitbox during the attack. During the first 5 ticks, damage is base damage×1.5, but during this period the enemy stops to start claw attack animation and its hitbox is unchanged, and the player should not be able to touch the enemy's hitbox if they are not moving very fast. In the remaining 15 ticks, the hitbox is enlarged and the damage becomes base damage×1.5×1.25, which is the damage displayed here.
  2. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, method AI_003_Fighters() in Terraria.NPC.cs.